Why Imiloa is the Perfect Place for a Digital Detox

When we think of a digital detox we assume, “What am I going to miss?” when in fact we ought to ask “What can we gain?”

It’s reported that the time we consume on our phones consists of 30-second bursts. This suggests that what we are doing is an automatic, habitual type of behavior. If we stopped to examine how much of our lives are truly spent on mindless scrolling, the reality can be quite alarming. 

There’s no denying that technology is only going to advance with time. But as we find ourselves at a critical moment in time, we’re beginning to witness some of the negative side effects that come with hours of screen time. Think: increased anxiety and stress, insomnia, depression, wasted time and overall, missed opportunities to truly connect with others. 

It’s almost as if we are stuck in a catch-22; a conundrum of some sort. In a way, we are more connected than ever, yet why do so many of us feel so disconnected? 

This need for space and time spent away from our screens is dire. With our “smartphone addictions” forming at an all-time high, health experts are deeming this the year of the “tech diet.” This trend of digital detox experiences is on the rise as more modern travelers are seeking opportunities to go offline. 

Pioneering this innovative concept to “disconnect to reconnect” is at the center of Imiloa. It’s at the “Heart” (where we dine, chill and create) of this 5-star Institute where zero internet is available. It encourages guests to interact, connect, and engage in their present surroundings (which are extraordinary, pre-historic jungle trees and animals). 

The space is designed to honor the indigenous Costa Ricans that came before us while incorporating Balinese culture. It’s a multi-use, dining, lounge, and relaxation area, ideal for group and individual meditation and rejuvenation. It’s not a particularly challenging space but it’s design challenges guests to be intimate with themselves, and each other. It causes some discomfort, but once a few nights have passed, the real reward and connection is from the very art of the disconnect.

Disconnection with ourselves means we can’t listen to our inner guidance system. We hand over our personal power, including to our technology. We divert from real human connection, from the healing powers of nature, and most importantly, from ourselves. Imiloa has dedicated itself to being a pathway for people to find their way back home to themselves. The property is a catalyst for this very simple appeal. 

One of the Founding Family members from Imiloa Institute, Eric Grotefeld, a wildly successful investor, entrepreneur and activist in the area of reducing our interaction with technology, shares that he checks his phone only once a week. It was this concept of limiting screen time that inspired Eric and the Imiloa team to create the environment in “Heart.”  

Eric says that “Imiloa is a unique place that presents guests a gift of newfound freedom: time and space spent in nature.” It is this belief that as humans, our first true love is mother earth. It’s why the aesthetics at Imiloa are characterized by the surrounding Costa Rican Savegre Mountains. We chose intentionally. 

There’s an ambiance throughout Imiloa that makes room for guests to experience an immediate connection to nature, without the itch to check-in online. Imiloa provides a safe place to open up, dig deep, and self reflect while practicing intention setting, engaging more, and learning to be fully present. 

The result is not only a renewed sense of awe and freedom in life, but it is also that many of our guests come back and see us two and three times a year for various retreats. It’s as much about the co-attendees, the masters themselves and the nature and structure of Imiloa that make people want to come back again and again. 

Giving yourself a break from digital communication is proven to bring significant benefits, both mentally and emotionally. Our goal is to provide a space where guests can free themselves from the noise and “clutter” of the digital world and return to a more mindful and balanced lifestyle, recharged. 


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