Scaling Your Mindset

Jan 27 – Feb 1, 2020

The Event

Create an intimate, life-changing event for CEOs to reinvent, reflect and relax with like- minded or completely different peers – to be challenged and catalyzed.

Opportunity creation and Business Development for Glen, Lisa & Juletta: Building deeper relationships with current clients and developing new relationships with prospects – goal is to grow current contracts and get new ones

Build a CEO peer membership – annual retreats, monthly MasterMind, etc. Goal is that they want to return every year.

By the end of their Imiloa stay, our goal is to enable the CEO (clients and prospects) to be in a place where they have clarity of mindset around their personal and business purposes, visions and their next steps. They leave Imiloa in peace, knowing their next steps, and taking with them a mindset toolkit that will enable them to create and grow by leveraging business growth tools such as Scaling Up and 3HAG, or whichever other growth management system they prefer! They also have another space, home, that they can return to, and a network of like-minded peers.


Take guests on an entrepreneurial mindset journey, refreshing their understanding of their superpowers and kryptonites, exploring their potential thinking errors; getting clarity on how they want to change the world, bringing their vision to life and then communicating it.

Include time for reflection, meditation, yoga and/or other feel good, life balance activities – possibly integrating in some of the coaching content and practices that Nadav uses.

Extend their entrepreneurial journey to include the traits of an entrepreneurial leader, how entrepreneurs operate effectively in uncertainty and inspire their teams.

Time for reflection, meditation, yoga and/or other feel good, life harmony and entertaining activities.

How plant-based food and medicines can support high achieving entrepreneurs. o Think holistic about our approach: mind, body and soul. Plant-based food and medicines are both disruptive plays that might interest some entrepreneurs.

A transformative journey to refresh, reflect and re-set their inner visions for themselves, their families and their businesses;

Get clarity on who they are, what they want to accomplish in life and business, what it will take and make the decisions to go for it, knowing that they have a coach, a support network and tools and techniques – for them personally and for their business;

Enjoy the company of CEO peers and build a new network of potentially supportive/accountability buddies.


Glen Dall

Glen is an authentic, charismatic and energizing CEO that brings positivity to any room he’s in.

From humble beginnings working on an assembly line to public company CEO, Glen has learned from hard-won personal experience how to grow people, products, businesses, and himself.

His relatable style, direct messages, and confidence of someone seen it all in business translates into inspiring and actionable value for anyone or any group he works with.

His mission is to achieve his success by helping others realize their successes, whether in business, career, or life

Lisa Foulger

Lisa is a passionate an inspirational executive leadership and entrepreneurial growth coach with a leadership track record of embracing change, leading transformation taking risks, developing leaders, building highly engaged teams and delivering outstanding business results.

Following her own 25yr global corporate career, with the last 11yr living and working in Central American, Lisa now coaches corporate executives and entrepreneurs across the globe embracing a growth mindset to deliver exceptional personal and professional results! Combining her global business experience with coaching expertise, Lisa helps executives design and navigate authentic leadership journeys, pursue their passions,
build diverse talent pipelines, scale their businesses and careers while attaining freedom and enjoying the ride while delivering exceptional business results.

Lisa loves challenges and new experiences, travel, family time, all things outdoors especially incredible beaches, reading, health and wellness. She enjoys volunteering to better her community and make a positive sustaining impact in building future leaders.
She feels fortunate to live with her family in beautiful Costa Rica.

Lisa Foulger

Growth Accelerator – Coach – Serial Entrepreneur – Recovering Intrapreneur

“Guilty as charged m’lud, I’m an incorrigible optimist. I wake up every morning grateful for who I am and for what the future holds!!”

Found guilty of being an optimist, Juletta has spent her career inflicting her conviction on unsuspecting Multinational leaders and entrepreneurial CEOs.

In 1986, Juletta became the first female executive to work for HSBC in Hong Kong. Her sentence – ten years of hard labor in the bank’s Global Information Strategy Group. Wonderful memories! Juletta was instrumental in launching Hexagon, the bank’s firstelectronic banking service and rolling out PCs to bankers. She learned first-hand what it takes to influence mindsets. Her initiatives were so successful that she got noticed – she was
labeled an intrapreneur and, worse, customer centric. As punishment, she was incarcerated for 6 years and charged with launching Hong Kong’s first nation-wide electronic trade
facilitation service that now serves over 50,000 customers. More great memories!!

Juletta escaped with her partner in crime (aka husband) and their two children in 1996. She spent the next 12 years in the emerging new markets unit for HP Services and HP Printing in California and Costa Rica. Juletta launched new businesses in education, digital publishing, public sector and financial markets. She also worked on HP’s “$100B revenue” breakthrough strategy.
Not satisfied with disrupting the status quo of large institutions,

Juletta launched her consulting business, Accelerated Leadership Services for mid-market entrepreneurs. Also, early on in their careers, Juletta and her husband started a real estate business which now has property investments in four continents. Combining optimism and risk taking is lethal and exciting. Naturally, Juletta became hooked. The authorities eventually caught up with her and sentenced her for life as an entrepreneur. She has not stopped smiling since her arraignment in 2010!

Juletta believes optimism is not only a joy but a morale duty. Fromher rural upbringing in the southwest of England to tropical life in Costa Rica, Juletta has enabled visions to become reality. Her passion for helping others to overcome mindset challenges can be traced back towhen – at the age of 6 and suffering from severe dyslexia – she showed her struggling kindergarten school friends how to read and write.

Fast forward, Juletta partnered with Lisa Foulger to set up REAL – Results & Engagement in Authentic Leadership programs in 2017 and GOLGlobal in 2018. GOLGlobal Scaling Up
Methodology™, 3HAG and other tools help mid-market leadership teams to make the right decisions in five key areas: core foundation, people, strategy, execution and cash, and to grow their minds and businesses exponentially and sustainably.

Juletta is an accredited Growth Coach. She is passionate about enabling young leaders, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs master and scale their mindsets – their inner game – to achieve their personal and professional potential. She is delighted when she is invited to enable leaders to 10x their mindset and their business!


As a strategic business coach and advisor, Glen has all the skill and acumen you could ask for, and more. What sets him apart from most in the field is that he’s ‘been there, done that’ as a public company CEO and entrepreneur. If you are looking to ‘cross the chasm’ to high growth for your company, you would be lucky to have Glen as your coach..”

~ Tom Kippola, Co-Founder & Managing Partner The Chasm Group

My business had been plateaued for the past five years. With Glen’s expert coaching and guidance, I am finally working on my business rather than just in my business. I highly recommend Glen’s coaching to every business owner who is open to pushing themselves to achieve their potential.

~ Sara Commers, Commers Custom Jewelry

Glen can relate to my issues and understand exactly the demands of the CEO role, because he’s been there.

~ Bob Hildreth CEO, ESP IT


We offer a variety of accommodations:

2 singles (King Bed , one room)
14 double (2 Single beds, sharing one room)
16 quads (4 Single beds, sharing one room)

Each room is equipped with 850 thread count bedding for maximum comfort,
high-speed internet, and clean drinking water derived from our artesian well.


Featuring over 12,000 square feet of space over looking thousands of acres and the South Pacific coast,
our three Bali Homes are imported from Indonesia and boast hand-carved architecture.


Six Jungle Bungalows built on the side of the mountain on the pathway to our very own private waterfall. Bali inspired, the interiors feature natural finishings and a gorgeous exposed shower and bath tub.


During your retreat, ride in style. Our local drivers also double as tour guides, and our SUVs are highest quality and newest Land Cruisers around. Included in transport is roundtrip airport run and up to 100KM per day from Imiloa, making the country accessible and easy to navigate.

Guests arrive refreshed, relaxed and you don’t need to coordinate a thing!


Six Buckminster Fuller inspired Geodesic River Domes, among the best made in the world and partially powered by solar energy, sit perched on the edge of our private river with the fresh, flowing water feeding up to the domes.

Experience the soothing sounds of relaxing and sleeping next to flowing water. Amazing!


The House of Masters, located in the center of the property, is a 2,000 square foot Balinese structure hanging 100 feet in the Jungle canopy. Adjacent are restrooms and a yoga storage room for mats, blocks and more. The space can be converted for any type of retreat, workshop or dance party.


A sprawling 3,000 square foot space that is the “Heart of Imiloa,” our social space features loungy, multicultural inspired furnishings, couches, and 5 imported tables from Bali, all under a Polynesian style roof.



Jungle paths connect the 20+ acres at Imiloa, with hand-made stairs and lighting, creating an immersive, easy experience for you and guests.


Beyond the Jungle Bungalows is a path that leads to our own private waterfall. Descend into what feels like an enchanted jungle forest as you bask in the magic and beauty of the surrounding nature.