Activate your 2020 Vision


New Year’s retreat Costa Rica

Dec 28-Jan 2, 2020

Join us in this once in a decade trio of Yoga + Astrology + Reiki where you will be guided daily to step out of your mind and connect to your heart. Yoga Classes with Rony will help activate your light body for self-purification and karmic healing. Danielle will share what 2020 has in store for you from an astrological standpoint and teach you how to use that energy to navigate your human journey. By learning the basics of your birth chart, the map of your soul, you will learn how to read this blueprint to better understand yourself emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically. Holy Fire Reiki infused sound baths with Roxy will activate your mind body. You will intuitively learn how to heal yourself energetically and embody your souls cosmic rhythm. You will leave the retreat feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the New Year with your fresh perspective and 2020 vision!

Accommodation options:

Single Room in Bali Structure ($4700 per person)
These hand-carved Bali homes are imported from Indonesia and are overlooking thousands of acres of the South Pacific Coast. Each Bali style room has a king sized bed and beautiful showers.
Double Room in Bungalow Structure ($3400 per person)
These bungalows are built on the side of the mountain and share a pathway that leads you to the private waterfall. Plus, each bungalow has a gorgeous exposed shower and bath tub to relax in. Book your stay with a friend or ask to be linked up with another solo traveler!
Quad Room in Dome Structure ($2600 per person)
Experience the exotic Costa Rican Jungle with these stunning geodesic river domes. They are boasting sacred geometry in its design with 180 jungle views and are partially solar powered with ceiling fans. You will experience the soothing sounds of the river water and experience nature at its finest! Book your stay with 4 people or ask to be linked up with other travelers!
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