A message from the indigenous tribe of the Tehiuna- March 6-10, 2020

We are meeting with the Kogi brothers, Wiwa and Aruacos trying to share a bit the message that was left in us to share throughout the universe. We are coming together as community with Hona Wellness, EcoMaste, Tinamastes Feria, Bambu mundo and other brothers and sisters to share this experience with the world.

Be part of the community events, private talks, plant base meals, 5 star accommodation and have time to work from a beautiful location while sharing this experience.


Double accommodation (2 people share room/ bathroom) price per person $1200 (4 nights)

Transportation from airport to imiloa not included, please contact [email protected] com if you wish to book a private charter or need any assistance.

Does not include your airfare to Costa Rica

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