1. What is the price to host a retreat at Imiloa Institute?

 We are an all-inclusive, closed gate and full campus experience. All five-star food, beverage, COO coordination, accommodation and full luxury transportation is included. For actual price details, we ask you to book a Discovery and Shared Vision Call here. 

2. I read that it’s a five star plant based (vegan cuisine). Can I have eggs or cheese, or even a little bit of fish?

Thanks for asking. We can discuss this more in a Discovery or Shared Vision Call. The short answer is we are an exclusively vegan campus. We should also say all of our meat-and-animal-product-eating friends give Imiloa’s cuisine, chef and dining experience a 5 star (out of 5). Why? Imiloa is creating a Possibility through the environment we create and the food we serve. We don’t expect people to become vegan, we simply want to cause a Possibility to come alive during your time here. We’ve designed your experience to be one of discovery and delight. You’ll see. You’ll always be full (if you want to be), you’ll have more energy than you’ve ever had and you’ll be so satisfied. (We do tailor menu items based on a variety of requests for each retreat). 

3. Specifically, thought, what are the accommodations and how many can I host? 

Imiloa has 16 luxury en-suite accommodations which can be configured in the way of your choosing: either single, double or quadruple accommodations. We can discuss this more in the Discovery or Shared Vision Meeting, however we can host 15-40 individuals on campus. 

4. Do you help with marketing my event?  

As the COO of your event, we like to say we handle everything touchdown to take off, with the exception of curriculum and “butts in seats.” That means every logistical, creative and vision problem you may have encountered in your previous events is now handled. As far as marketing, we build and include a content calendar across Imiloa platforms to let our tribe know about your event, we’ll go “live” with you, we’ll provide you all the materials, and you may want to look at retaining our all-star social media and marketing partners to grow your event. We don’t provide direct marketing support, beyond this however. 

5. Can I stay at Imiloa for free when I’m hosting my event? 

Imiloa is happy to welcome Masters (teachers) + 1 (2 people total) to stay, eat, sleep and ride courtesy of Imiloa. We offer discounts for non-participating faciliators to ensure you have the support you need. Many of our retreat hosts, teachers and Masters report requiring less support than ever before because Imiloa steps in as the COO of the event. So you may very well see your costs shrink, and profits increase just because you chose to host here. 

6. What are the check-in/check out times?

Check in is Monday through Sunday no earlier than 2:00 p.m. and checkout is at 10:00 a.m.

7. How do I get to the Institute?

We offer Lux SUV Service with Drivers. Private planes to a landing strip 20 minutes away from the Institute are also possible, along with SUV service to and from the landing strip.

8. What should I bring to the Imiloa Institute?

Don’t forget to pack: camera/batteries/charger, sneakers/hiking shoes, pants, water bottle, organic sunscreen and bug repellent (not a lot of bugs, but it’s nice to have), water ball, shoes and flip flops, comfortable clothes.

9. Do I need to rent a car?

If you choose to rent a car, you may do so in Quepos (after flying in) or in San Jose. Cost is $120 daily.
Only rent 4-Wheel-Drive vehicles if you rent a car. If you are staying here on retreat, we do not allow private cars on campus.

10. How far is Imiloa from the beach?

Approximately a ten minute drive to a private beach, 12 minutes to Dominical and 25 minutes to Uvita beaches. If you’re hosting a retreat here, you should ask us about our super lush private all night beach parties that we put on for our VIPs. 

11. Do you provide beach towels?

Yes, we provide beach and pool towels. Anything you may have forgotten, such as essentials, we always have on hand for our guests. Depending on the item, there may be a fee.

12. Are there any walks or hikes nearby?

The entire jungle is yours! The private road is great for hiking and there are adjacent acres to ours that you can explore endlessly.

13. Is there Wi-Fi?

Yes, we have fiber optic high speed. Certain parts of the campus like House of Masters you’ll find intentionally without WiFi. 

14  Are there safety boxes for personal belongings?

We have lockers for you in our offices.

15. What kind of staff do you have?

We have a full operations and executive team available 24/7 during your stay.

16. Do you offer laundry services?

Yes, $25 per load to pick up, wash, dry, fold and deliver back to you. Allow 24 hours.

17. Can I bring my children to Imiloa?

Please do. Imiloa’s community approach is centered around aspects of intergenerational community living. Please check with your retreat host of the specific event you’re attending first, however. 

18. Do you allow pets?

We only allow service animals on the property. We have out-door cats for pest control.

19. Who has held retreats or visited The Institute?

Imiloa has adopted an inter-disciplinary approach to education, community and capacity building. This has resulted in retreats around subject areas like Quantum Healing Certifications, CEO Leadership Trainings, the United Nations summit on sustainable agriculture, Goddess Retreats, male intimacy retreats, yoga and wellness workshops, Wim Hoff-inspired workshops, and we’ve hosted other Transformational Leaders in areas of entertainment, science, movement and psychology. 

20. What is the weather like in Dominical?

Beautiful! Even during the green (rainy) season, rain usually comes in the late afternoon after sunny mornings and early afternoons. Often times, it can help temper the workshops and offers a nice transition. It is jungle, warm (75-85 degrees year round).

21. Is alcohol assumption and smoking permitted at The Imiloa Institute?

We are a plant based facility and do not provide alcohol for sale or consumption. We are a smoke-free facility as well.

22. What forms of payment do you accept at Imiloa?

We accept all major credit cards, PayPal and bank wires. Prices are in US dollars.

23. What are the linens like in the rooms?

Keeping in line with our 5 star barefoot experience at Imiloa, thread count is 850 and our beds and mattresses are comfy and homelike.

24. And what about the cleaning products that you use?

At Imiloa Institute not only do we provide organic bath products but we also go above and beyond with our cleaning supplies ensuring that we are not damaging the environment. We are an environmental friendly campus and all of our products are clean to the environment.

25. Oh yeah, what about the water? Can I drink it? 

Not only can you drink it, but you can drink it from any faucet, bathtub or watering station on the property. The water comes out of the well deep in the earth, and it goes through the filtration process. It is a four-part filtration process. The first two filters that we have are the wash filters. Sediments, dirt and trash is removed. After, our carbon filter changes its molecular composition, removing any smells or odors and it re-structures the water. An finally, it goes through our UV filter and removes any bacteria and delivers some of the best water you’ve ever had.  

26. What other activities can you book as part of our experience?

So many activities within an hour’s drive from The Institute. We are happy to price out and book all vendors for the Masters as our service to you. This includes seaplane, rafting, hiking, canyoning, catamaran boat tour, waterfalls, horseback riding, snorkeling trip to Cano Island, boat trip to Corcovado National Park, whale watching tour (seasonal), zip lining canopy tours, ATV tours, waterfall hiking and camping, kayak tours by mangroves and awesome personalized surf lessons 🙂

27. If I book an event with you, what’s the process?


  1. Discovery Call. You can book one here.
    2. Before the call, we ask you to please fill out our Pre-Discovery Application.
    3. Then, we’ll have the Discovery and 
    Shared Vision Meeting. 


  1. Contract signed; downpayment made
    2. First of three Kick Off Calls are scheduled with Operations Team (within 7 days of signing)
  2. “Masters Form” filled out for our social media and marketing team to provide support (within 14 days signing)
  3. Content calendar created and back end page launched for your retreat (within 21 days of signing)


28. How much is the down-payment for a retreat?

Generally 10%.

29. Can we take pictures ourselves of our group and use it as promotion?

Yes, you can, and we also provide photos and videos which can be rolled into your existing promotion. 

30. How does travel work to and from the center on retreat?

Luxury Transportation all inclusive to and from San Jose International Airport (SJO). 
Luxury Transportation included for the length of your retreat stay. 
You may also charter our plane to the private landing strip 20 minutes away (Prices available on Discovery Call, not included). 


31. Are the shelters fully enclosed?

Yes, the Bali homes, the Bungalows and the Geodesic Domes are fully enclosed. Costa Rica features indoor and outdoor living 
however all structures are expertly built. 


32. We see that people need to have medical insurance. What if they don’t have it? 

In order to attend a retreat at Imiloa, we ask hosts to have comprehensive medical and travel insurance and that they acknowledge that their guests are also going to have it. 
We also ask those signing up to attend a retreat at Imiloa, guests are acknowledging they have travel and/or medical insurance. 
Imiloa isn’t responsible for those that do not carry the insurance suggested. 


Interested in hosting an event at Imiloa?

If we haven’t answered your question here please contact us. We’re always happy to help.