Pre-Discovery Exploration


At Imiloa Institute, we share an interdisciplinary approach to celebrating mastery. Imiloa is the chosen home away from home for teachers, masters, influencers, corporate HR and executive level individuals from around the planet to share their mastery, deepen their connectivity to one another and to transform communities around the world. 


Imiloa is the global heartbeat of education. The curriculum is as varied as those that host here. CEO and Leadership Programs, Consciousness Exploration, Yoga and Meditation Retreats, Energy and Tantric Exploration, Movement, Best-Selling Authors, Corporate Offsites, Visual and Performing Arts, Quantum Healing and other Certifications all come to Imiloa’s “House of Masters” to teach, discover and share. Each week, Imiloa facilitates new gatherings by teachers, transformative leaders and masters and is the launching pad of this information to the world.



We believe we can create a level of peaceful prosperity for you and your events by understanding your purpose and process. This form may take 15-20 minutes to fill out.

However, it’ll save us at least two hours in the process of coordinating your event. You’ll save valuable time and get the benefit of massive clarity, too. Let us (stephanie @ imiloa institute dot com) know if you have any questions.

Thank you so much and we’re looking forward to speaking with you soon.

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