Costa Rica Self Love Retreat

January 3-7, 2021


The intention behind this women’s self-love retreat is that you see the power of community and connection when cultivating self-love and creating confidence in your life.

And what better way to do that than to form a sisterhood in a sacred, welcoming, and accepting environment…

You’ll wake up in the lush Costa Rican jungle to the sounds of birds chirping and water falling from our waterfall. Then, you’ll spend the mornings doing workshops with Mary on healing body-image struggles, building confidence and transforming your self-worth.

In the afternoons, you’ll explore the gems of Costa Rica- waterfalls, jungles, beaches- all with a group of women who love, value, and cherish you. You’ll have the option to pamper yourself with a spa treatment by the best masseuses in the country or go on a zip-lining adventure with the most reputable zip-lining company in the world.

Lastly, the evenings will be in a sacred sharing circle with your fellow retreat sisters where we will talk, bond, laugh, cry, connect, and love.

So give yourself the gift of self-love and join me, sister, on a magical 5-day retreat in the hidden jungle paradise of Costa Rica.


You will learn:

  • how to find your passion, your purpose, your mission
  • how to turn your biggest pain into your greatest strength
  • how to speak kindly and lovingly to yourself
  • mindset reframes that will help you accept your body at any size, shape, weight
  • how to figure out what you really want out of life
    • … and how to go for it even when you’re afraid
  • how to balance health with self-love
  • how to empower everyone around you
  • mindset shifts to help you be confident in all areas of your life- including your relationships, your career, and with yourself
  • how to create deep, authentic, and meaningful relationships
  • how to connect deeply with your partner, your friends, your kids, and everyone around you
  • how to stop comparing yourself to others
  • how to live life on your own terms and not care what other people may think about you
  • tools to overcome the lowest lows, the darkest days
  • how to stop obsessing over food, calories, and your weight


Mary Jelkovsky

Hi, I’m the Mary! The Mary behind Mary’s Cup of Tea and your guiding force on this self-love journey. I’m a former bikini fitness model and competitor turned self-love advocate and women’s self-love retreat host.

It’s my mission to help you be confident in your body and love yourself unconditionally! My story about recovering from an eating disorder, competing in bikini fitness competitions, and learning to love myself in a world telling me not to has been featured in magazines like TeenVogue, Self Magazine, Health Magazine, and Honey9.

After healing my body, mind, and spirit, I started traveling to beautiful, exotic places to host my worldwide women’s self-love retreats (Zanzibar, Tanzania; San Diego, California; Bali, Indonesia; Sedona, Arizona; Costa Rica, you name it!) so that you too can cultivate true self-love and create the life you’ve always dreamed of. I love sharing my heart with you through my writings, videos, and social media platforms- connect with me via @maryscupofteaa on Instagram!

During the self-love retreat, I’ll be hosting daily workshops for you and your retreat sisters on healing body-image struggles, building self-confidence, creating the life you’ve always dreamed of, and most importantly, loving yourself, deeply, fully, unconditionally. We’ll also go on adventures around Costa Rica together, connect deeply with one another and share a transformational experience of a lifetime.


Mary’s self-love retreat showed me how much I was struggling with hanging onto the past…heartbreaks, family struggles, inner battles, etc. What helped me the most was doing group activities where we all contributed and we finally felt that none of us were alone in our struggles. Now, I’m happy to say that I am setting myself free!

~ Justina; 21, Business student, Sedona Self-Love Retreat Sister

Before the women’s self-love retreat Mary hosted in Sedona, there’s been a lot of negative talk in my life the past 3 years as I’ve gone through my divorce. The constant messages of “I am enough”, reminders to love myself and have compassion on myself have helped me so much. Now, I feel more grounded. I respect myself more. I won’t give of myself to anyone who doesn’t deserve me.

~ Sharon; 55, mom, Physical Therapist, Sedona Self-Love Retreat Sister

I was struggling with my family, work, life, and how “me” fits into all of that. The entire self-love retreat process helped me because each activity was intentionally geared towards transforming inner struggles into inner peace and learning how to deal with daily issues that we all go through

~ Alice; 29, mom, Nurse Practitioner, Sedona Self-Love Retreat Sister


We offer 17 Luxury Accommodations sleeping 15-44 people.
Each room is equipped with 850 thread count bedding for maximum comfort, high-speed internet, and clean drinking water derived from our artesian well.


Featuring over 12,000 square feet of space over looking thousands of acres and the South Pacific coast,
our three Bali Homes are imported from Indonesia and boast hand-carved architecture.


Six Jungle Bungalows built on the side of the mountain on the pathway to our very own private waterfall. Bali inspired, the interiors feature natural finishings and a gorgeous exposed shower and bath tub.


Six Buckminster Fuller inspired Geodesic River Domes, among the best made in the world and partially powered by solar energy, sit perched on the edge of our private river with the fresh, flowing water feeding up to the domes.

Experience the soothing sounds of relaxing and sleeping next to flowing water. Amazing!


The House of Masters, located in the center of the property, is a 2,000 square foot Balinese structure hanging 100 feet in the Jungle canopy. Adjacent are restrooms and a yoga storage room for mats, blocks and more. The space can be converted for any type of retreat, workshop or dance party.


A sprawling 3,000 square foot space that is the “Heart of Imiloa,” our social space features loungy, multicultural inspired furnishings, couches, and 5 imported tables from Bali, all under a Polynesian style roof.



Jungle paths connect the 20+ acres at Imiloa, with hand-made stairs and lighting, creating an immersive, easy experience for you and guests.


Beyond the Jungle Bungalows is a path that leads to our own private waterfall. Descend into what feels like an enchanted jungle forest as you bask in the magic and beauty of the surrounding nature.

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