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Imiloa Institute Is Your Very Own C.O.O.– Chief Operations Officer.

Here to help you develop a joyful, fun and transformative environment for your guests.

It takes a village to host a transformational retreat or workshop training that resonates so beautifully with your guests they say things like;

“Imiloa holds true magic, an inspiration for the globe in communal living, mind expansion, and development of the spirit.”

“I felt extremely well taken care of, which was especially comforting given the emotional intensity of our retreat and the fact that we were deep in a jungle.”

” Imiloa is one of a kind, I fell in love with the entire staff. India, Co-founder and SVP Operations, is incredible and holds a needed and beautiful container of groundedness.”

These are the kinds of reviews and comments you want from your retreat guests. And it’s what we want too.

You put your heart and soul into delivering your gifts and vision to the world through your Costa Rica retreat. You want them to truly connect with and transform your tribe–and then let that change ripple out into the world, making it a better place.

That’s why, when you book your retreat at Imiloa Institute, Imiloa goes from “retreat venue” to the COO (Chief Operator) of your retreat. We collaborate with you to handle the details, logistics and anything else that could possibly come up for you or your guests. Everything from touchdown in Costa Rica, to takeoff.

Seasoned coordinators, operators, property managers, drivers and countless others are working behind the scenes to ensure your retreat is executed perfectly.

More than an event coordinator, the COO experience is your total back- and front-end support system and partner in self-care. You need to be at your best every day of your retreat. We want you to be free so you can take risks with what you’re teaching, AND be present for it.

You can’t do that if you’re distracted and worrying about schedules, transport, vendors, timing, materials, coordination, set-up and teardown, items falling through at the last minute, travel, weather, delays and all the rest of it.

Your Imiloa COO starts with the “Welcome Home Team.”

A Welcome Home Care Expert immediately contacts your guests to answer questions about what to bring, what to wear, how to get to Imiloa, the weather, what to expect… anything!

Our operators work behind the scenes to ensure guests–from their very first inquiry to ticketing–are handled with kid gloves, using all the messaging you want to deploy.

Maybe the best part of this is that it’s all included when you book your transformation experiences at Imiloa.

Your Retreat Success Is The Most Important Thing To Us

You Might Be Wondering, Why Does Imiloa Care So Much About My Retreat?

Because we know when you’re successful, as a retreat leader, your attendees will benefit from the powerful work you do in the world. If those people are touched, transformed and inspired by the work being done at Imiloa, it will have a ripple effect on all the communities that those individuals return home to around the world.

Imiloa is standing with you, as a Master Teacher, to impact humanity in the biggest ways possible. The Imiloa COO experience, and support of the Welcome Home Team, is a 21st-century game changer in retreat planning, logistics and execution. We are unlike any other conference retreat center out there. What will emerge for you as a retreat host is a sense of clarity throughout the entire process, leading to serenity as your event unfolds and culminating in peaceful prosperity upon completion.

It’s why 91% of clients re-book the week they host their first retreat at Imiloa. There is something so unique & exceptional about the Imiloa experience.

“The land holds a high vibration as do the people that work at Imiloa. It is a perfect retreat destination that compliments and enhances high-vibrational work, education or teachings.”

Some retreat hosts partner with Imiloa, booking four or more weeks per year, to effortlessly grow the reach of their work, trainings and retreat business.

Imiloa is committed to retreats and transformational live experiences. So we have observed what is most needed and we’ve integrated these elements into our COO Experience offering and with the hands-on assistance from our Welcome Home Team. We’re dedicated to supporting you in the vision and execution of your transformational retreat experience from start to finish.

We see you. We hear you. You don’t have to bring retreats to life on your own anymore. Whether this is your first retreat or 50th, everyone echoes the same sentiments: they’re astounded at the results.

Let’s collaborate and empowering your scaling your next retreat just like we have for so many just like you.

It’s as simple as….Clicking below to get started.

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