Paper & Diamond curates luxury experiential travel, highly sought-after wellness retreats, and unparalleled celebrations for life’s milestones, with a focus on both consultancy and production for a full-service experience. We believe that a change in physical location is the catalyst to spark a change in consciousness and redirect our lives’ paths towards a more deeply fulfilling way of existing. It is our passion to illuminate these profoundly rewarding journeys of insight and awakening for our clients.

Discover your next retreat into the comprehensive therapeutic and cultural practices of not only a new travel destination, but a new way of life: one that embraces holistic and Ayurvedic practice, while simultaneously addressing a highly personalized and bespoke
agenda that aligns with your ideal objectives for moving into a new realm of awareness. Paper & Diamond retreats are designed to awaken mind, body and soul through the merging of our expertise across all three of our realms: travel, wellness and events. This is achieved in tandem with our expert team of partners, including some of the world’s leading health and wellness experts, holistic nutritionists, celebrity health coaches and more.


Each Paper & Diamond retreat is innately designed to address the five pillars of health, consisting of sleep and reset, breathing, nutrition, movement and thought through the program's bespoke itinerary. Beyond this initial framework the team also builds individualized wellness programs around particular challenges and personal agendas our clients' desire to address, se􀆫ng them up to enter new realms of happiness and fulfillment in their everyday lives.


In order to effectively transform conditioned programming for results that elevate health across the five pillars, Paper & Diamond taps into all six senses simultaneously for a full sensorial immersion into connecting with higher vibrations. This integrative wellness approach activates not only the five tactile senses of sight, sound, touch, smell and taste that we are accustomed to, but the elusive sixth sense as well, for which we utilize term 'spirit' to encompass the unperceived world. This world is where we tune into our own, as well as higher energies and wisdom, which are gateways for increased healing potential.

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Next April 2021, the Paper & Diamond team will partner with Imiloa Institute as they together invite 36 esteemed guests to the 5 star eco-luxe retreat center, which is nestled in Costa Rica's Savegre Mountains, overlooking views of both the Pacific Ocean and surrounding Dominical Jungle.

Guests should anticipate a holistic transformation over the course of five nights and six days as the Paper & Diamond team coach them through a program of bespoke sessions and seminars spanning the fields of meditation, yoga, mindfulness, breathwork, nutrition and more.


The renowned Imiloa Institute boasts accommodations truly unlike anything you have experienced prior. As a fully immersive eco-luxe experience, Imiloa believes in awakening consciousness in service and harmony to self and the planet. You will never feel more at home in nature as you do at Imiloa, which is the perfect backdrop for the intersection of discovery, creativity, imagination and transformation, all heightened by the experience of participation in Sensorial Renewal.



The 180 year old luxurious Bali homes are imported from Indonesia and boast hand-carved architecture.


A Jungle Bungalow at Imiloa is a unique accomodation built into a mountainside along the pathway to the private waterfall..


The Sacred Geodesic River Domes are some of the world's best, sacred in their geometry and solar powered.



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Utilizing a devotional Hatha practice of breath work, invite your chakras, the body's seven energy centers, to open fully and expressively, creating balance and stability as Elaine guides us forward into a new day.


More uplifting than your typical morning coffee, routine, Claire’s sequence of flowing, invigorating asanas allow you to commence the day feeling fresh, rejuvenated and ready to open yourself up to the possibilities of the coming week.

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Fuel the potential of the day ahead with a custom vegan breakfast offering from Morgan.


Morgan is insistent on framing vegan diets in a way that does not compromise or deprive. Learn how to sustain your sushi cravings while adhering to the plant based plan in this immersive demonstration.


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We invite you to partake in private sessions with the P&D team, spa treatments, guided waterfall nature walks or preferred form of respite.


The central force that aligns our entire muscle and skeletal system is our body’s core. Focus on form and alignment as Lucas instructs upon ways to strengthen your core through a series of movements designed to align, tone, improve posture and activate abdominal definition.

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Revive not only your belly, but mind and body from the inside out with a nutrient dense, flavorful culinary provision from Morgan.


Yoga nidra is a proven antidote to anxiety. Elaine’s guided relaxation techniques usher in at a surface level reduced stress and be􀆩er sleep, but with a deeper power to release psychological wounds and restore wholeness, all while tapping into a state of hypnotic brainwave activity..

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• Accommodation for 5 nights + 6 days at Imiloa Institute in a luxury Bali Home, Jungle Bungalow or Geodesic River Dome
• Private Air Transfer from SJO to Quepos
• Roundtrip group airport transfer from Quepos at select times
• Welcome gift bag, a $500 valuation, filled with incredible products from our favorite wellness + fitness brands and sponsors
• Daily breakfast, lunch and dinner offerings built upon Ayurvedic and plant based cuisine, created by two world class vegan chefs
• Additional snacks, fresh juices and drinking water
• One daily vegan culinary seminar each focused on a different area of emphasis Two daily unique movement sessions offering bespoke yoga programs and small group coaching environments to enhance your practice
• Two daily mindfulness sessions offering journaling, meditation, relaxation, and other soul + spirit rejuvenation
• Cacao Ceremony led by a local indigenous tribe
• Departure White Party send off to symbolize renewal and meaningful relationships and connections built around an irreplaceable shared experience
• 60 minute customized spa journey focused on ancient healing properties and techniques
• E-booklet upon departure containing plant based recipes + aftercare self-care items
Private exploration of the Imiloa Institute 20 acre grounds, accessible to only Sensorial Renewal participants for the week


• Roundtrip airfare arriving to SJO arriving no later than 12PM of April 8, 2021 and departing no earlier than 1PM on April 13, 2021

• For those guests wishing to stay one additional night after the retreat ends, there is an option to book for an additional nightly fee of $299 inclusive of room, tax, and lunch, dinner and breakfast

• Private experiences and offerings led by our wellness experts
• Travel insurance Medical + Trip cancellation is required. Waiver must be signed prior to departure if guest declines purchase of Travel Insurance.
• For travel insurance click here
• Technology chargers and batteries for personal devices as applicable
• Comfortable, active clothing
• Supportive sneakers and/or hiking shoes
• Non-toxic sunscreen and bug repellent products
• Personal toiletries and medications as applicable
• Gratuities at your own discretion


The Paper & Diamond team is dedicated to providing an environment for each individual to flourish to their fullest through the Sensorial Renewal program. In doing so we recognize there may be needs and desires beyond the itinerary we have crafted. Hence, the program is structured to allow for one-on-one sessions to be booked with our team members, to delve more deeply into any personal blockages and challenges that may be preventing self actualization of our dreams and goals. These may be health and nutrition focused, fitness or injury related, or more emotional in nature. The careful and individualized approaches of our team delicately pinpoint root causes of such obstacles and reveal techniques to point us on a journey towards renewing them. Available at an additional cost, below is a sampling of such programs.


Our local expert Costa Rican spa therapists are delighted to provide hospitality and relaxation in your preferred form of spa treatment, including classic therapeutics such as facials and massage offerings. Or, take this time to try out something that may be newer in format to you such as facial acupuncture, Gua Sha, fire cupping or lymphatic drainage.


Often times the sources of tension in our body are not just physical in nature, but can also be related to particular emotional blockages. Work with our wellness practitioners in a private one-on-one session to learn stretching and functional training techniques that will target problem areas, at levels both symptomatic and underlying.


Sensorial Renewal is filled with a variety of group opportunities to learn more about the vegan diet and related cooking techniques. However, we all have a different journey when it comes to our relationship to food, as well as individual intolerances and preferences. Morgan is available for nutritional coaching, meal planning and creative solutions to personal variances.



Hailed for its abilities to heal chronic pain and overcome negative thought patterns, Theta Healing is a shared meditative state between patient and practitioner as the result of entering into a relaxed state of consciousness, slowing the brainwaves and creating the optimum environment the body requires for restoration.


Rooted in ancient Japanese practice, Reiki is an energy healing technique in which licensed masters channel healing energy via touch, helping activate healing of both physical and emotional well-being through easing tensions and blockages.


As the Paper and Diamond team converges on Imiloa Institute we recognize the rewarding opportunity to interact directly with our wellness practitioners through the retreat and additional offerings may not be quite enough for some.

Thus, April 7, 2021 will be a designated day for an immersive VIP experience, available at an additional cost to just five select guests. These guests will arrive a full day prior to the rest of the retreat participants, during which time our team has developed a tailor made itinerary, diving deep into sensorial wellness. This presents a great time for VIP guests to book their one on one sessions with the Paper & Diamond team.


Our world has seen examples of ways in which over capacity tourism and unsustainable travel behaviors can have a detrimental impact on our environment. At Paper & Diamond, we firmly believe in reserving our carbon footprint budget for the most impactful travel moments possible and aim to produce them for our discerning clientele. Sensorial Renewal at Imiloa Institute is exactly that. More than just a passport stamp, this is a fully immersive experience that has the power to transport us to new destinations in terms of awakenings that will continue to unfold + blossom long after our suitcase is unpacked. It is a true investment in the self.

Our sincerest aim is to provide the foundation for a holistic detox from the over-stressed tendencies that take root in our modern reality. Sensorial Renewal is carefully designed to provide full immersion into new realms of relaxation, reconnecting our priorities. Le􀆫ng go of fear, uncertainty, negativity and anxiety gives over the program course offers a weightlessness and newfound self confidence. At the same time we work to become grounded in new truths related to the expansion of self love, renewed creativity and an unwavering positive outlook. The relationships Sensorial Renewal fosters will be meaningful connections built around an irreplaceable experience that you will cherish long after the program has ended. The true potential is yours to unleash.


A 30% NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT is taken at time of booking to hold each space.

A confirmation email will be sent within 24 hours of your booking.

Remaining Balance is DUE IN FULL 60 days prior to arrival date. You will receive an email with a link to pay when final payment is due.

If cancellation is received and confirmed 61 days or more prior to arrival date, balance will be paid to guest LESS 30% Non Refundable deposit.

If cancellation is received 0-60 days prior to arrival date then the reservation is 100% non-refundable. Fees will be recovered by Imiloa Institute.


Whether your interest at this point consists of a strong calling, a curious inkling or somewhere between, know you owe it to yourself and your intuition to entertain it more fully. Please get in touch with us via our hierarchy of communication methods:

[email protected]

[email protected]



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Apply to Earth Guardian Training

Apply to Earth Guardian Training


Complete this participant qualification form

The Mamos have their own special (and mystical) way of selecting the Earth Guardians, so we need you to provide us with these things for now:

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3 Big Mistakes Retreat Hosts Make (and how to avoid them)


There are several mistakes a retreat host can make, but we’ve identified the three major ones so you can be mindful
of them.
Why? Because we want you to improve and adjust before your next retreat.


Common Mistake #1: Not devising a marketing strategy that sings and sells.

Retreats are a competitive and growing industry. The key is to start selling as soon as you launch. We encourage this action taking based on authenticity, clarity, and an early bird ticket strategy (mass x velocity = momentum momentum momentum)

Having your offer in front of the right people at the right time, framed in the right way, is gold.

Having early sales is not only valuable for your own personal momentum, but others see tickets selling fast as an assurance that your event is exactly where they need to be.

Solution: Start building your audience up before the launch date, let them know that you’ll have an early-bird rate and set a goal of selling at least three tickets in the first week!

Common Mistake #2: Not having the proper on the ground support (or at-home support)

You may think, or trick yourself into believing that you have your retreat operations and logistics under control. But, where attention goes, energy flows. When the time comes, do you want to focus on your clients and the content?

The truth is that your need to hold space for every participant, and you can’t do it while having to think about and take action with the logistics.

Solution: Delegation. Try to take off everything you possibly can off your plate. Your clients will experience the difference, and you’ll feel a lot better, too. Hire support or trade it, but you need at least two people (every 20 pax).

From operations, event planning, logistical, and creative support during your time hosting, it’s all about clearing your schedule so you can do what you do best, BEING YOU and sharing what you know best.

Common Mistake #3: Not accounting for all costs and expenses.

The clearer you are around the costs and expenses, the more peacefully prosperous you’ll be.

Closing down the vendors, locking down the experience, and having clarity on the expenses (our mantra) from 60-30 days before your event is crucial.

Surveys by Sherri Rosenthal, founder of Wanderlust Entrepreneurs and the Queen of teaching retreat hosts how to convert <LINK TO SHERRI MEANINGFUL CONTENT>, show that average retreat hosts hosting on their own (not with Imiloa) spend about 100 hours preparing.

At $100 per hour, that’s $10,000, which should be your minimum to earn.

Solution: Account for all costs and expenses, set your bare minimum, and sign an agreement with the venue to avoid any “extra charges” in the end.

We know organizing, marketing, and hosting a retreat might sound daring, but you don’t have to do it alone. We’re here to help.

Let us share some #humblebrags: Our average retreat host walks with $30,800 for their 5.6-night retreat, and with 75% of masters rebooking retreats, we can assure that you have EVERYTHING you need to make your retreat a success.

From our Director of Marketing, ensuring that you’re selling at least three tickets after you launch your event page to the entire team of +20 people on site. We make sure that your event goes as smoothly as possible.

To learn more about how Imiloa can help, simply book the Live Discovery Series <INSERT LINK>, where you’ll not only speak with Imiloa’s co-founder and president but also meet a select few top world-class teachers as well. Cultivating meaningful relationships will support you, your clients, and your work in the world.

That means we can create and market your back-end page that sells tickets, offer copywriting expertise that converts, a social media strategy that is meaningful and metrics focused. Plus, on the ground support from the moment, you land to the moment the last person leaves Costa Rica on their flight home.

Your attendee’s transformation may start when they enroll, but yours can start NOW.

Lots of love!

The Imiloa Team

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Check Out Upcoming Retreats

The Phoenix Retreat


The Phoenix Retreat


Aug 15-19, 2020




A women’s retreat, a yoga retreat, a meditation retreat all in one!

The Phoenix Retreat is a luxurious, transformational, and all-inclusive retreat for women. The Retreat is named after the mythical bird that sets itself aflame, then rises anew from the ashes. This is a healing retreat that combines powerful personal growth work with deep relaxation yoga practices to help you drop the armor, shed the old skin, and live a more joy-FULL and authentic life.

Many people believe that the moment the phoenix breaks out in flames is unintentional, a reaction to some external circumstance, or against the birds will. However, according to Greek mythology, the Phoenix has the power to decide when it is ready to embrace the flames. This is another powerful reason the Phoenix is the perfect metaphor for this retreat.

If you are ready to step into your power and let go of what is no longer serving you whether that is fears, limiting beliefs, childhood wounds, or just old fashioned guilt and shame – then this is a retreat for you.


Our Promise to you, if you are willing to be brave, drop the armor, and do this work with us you will see changes in yourself, your life, and the lives of those around you:

  • We will dive deep down and do the necessary work to free ourselves from the limiting beliefs that lead us to this spot in life – uncovering our purpose and redefining what we want our lives to be.
  • Radical self-acceptance comes when we are willing to see ourselves exactly as we are, right where we are – and accept all of it.

  • Once you see who you are and learn to identify, define and cultivate your own purpose – you will naturally give up shame and guilt, you will embrace forgiveness, and love yourself flaws and all.

  • When we are disconnected from ourselves, we are cut off from others too. Building mindful self-awareness practices help us reconnect breathing new life and power into our personal relationships.
  • We will develop daily self-care practices that you can take home with you bringing intention and self-love with you every day.
  • For this retreat, we will be unplugged. There will be no tablets allowed at the retreat at all, with only limited cell phone access. Emergency contact information will be provided.

  • The greatest gift most women take with them from the retreat is the connections they make with other women. You will get to take that same love, support, and accountability home with you.


Every bit of personal development work, every stretch, and breath of yoga, is structured in such a way to make radical self-acceptance a reality. You will see yourself fully and let go of what no longer serves you. You will stand in your power and face your fears, and you will rise up with clarity, courage, and renewed hope for what is possible.



Kendra Davies

Kendra started Stellar Life Coaching in 2013 with the mission to transform how we live, love and do business using the powerful science of Positive Psychology. She is a professional certified coach and Positive Psychology Practitioner, with 13 years of experience in HR and training and development for organizations like AAA, Deloitte, and Lockheed Martin. Kendra holds a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Behavior from Rollins College.

Beyond her professional and academic qualifications, Kendra lives her work. A recovering perfectionist, alcoholic and drug addict (19 years), beulemic, and childhood trauma, and postpartum depression survivor,  her path to recovery and healing began at 14 and has been anything but a straight line. One thing has been consistent though – women who seemingly had no reason to believe in her, or real cause to support her- did. They walked her through the darkest moments, and showed her how to access self-love, and embrace personal growth. This love and support from the countless women in her life changed everything. That is why the Phoenix Retreat exists. Women coming together and walking with each other through the darkness – and discovering the light. Her personal story and her experience makes the work on the Phoenix Retreat that much more powerful and enriching. Kendra is committed to empowering her women to live their best most authentic lives and to stand fully in their power.

Samantha Santiago

Samantha Santiago is the Lead Instructor and Co-facilitator at Ignite | Yoga and Wellness Institute in Orlando, FL. She has transformed her mental health, relationships, and life through yoga & meditation. Since then, she has made it her mission to spread the transformational tools & experiences that help her live a full and passionate life.

Samantha is a Certified (E-RYT) 200HR Yoga Teacher, a 500HR Trained, Trauma Informed, and Kids Yoga Teacher. She is a Somatic and Energy Healer with certifications in Reiki healing and Women’s Leadership. You can find her leading workshops, classes, and private group/one-on-one sessions both in Orlando and internationally. She helps her clients access self-empowerment, deep spiritual connection, and transformational emotional healing through movement, meditation, breath work, and restorative healing practices.

What’s Included in Your Ticket:

  • The Phoenix Retreat includes more than 24 hours of intensive group and one-on-one coaching.
  • Novice or a yoga master, you will be invigorated and empowered with our Yoga & Meditation practices. With 7 hours of group yoga & 5 hours of instructor lead meditation and visualization. Additional private and semi-private yoga/meditation also available during retreat (booked separately).
  • Single or double occupancy at the stunning Imiloa Institute
  • All meals, snacks, & beverages will be prepared by Imiloa chef. Enjoy non-processed local organic and delicious food vegan & vegetarian. Note: this is 100% plant based diet for the retreat. 
  • All  Retreat Materials: Phoenix Workbook, Journal, Yoga Mat & all necessary supplies for the carefully selected activities will be provided.

What’s Not Included:

  • Your flight to SJO. 

  • Travel Insurance (not required)

  • Local Excursions 

Couples Retreat

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