Becoming Superhuman

Feb 5-11 2020


Becoming Superhuman is a formula designed to help you remember who & how POWERFUL YOU REALLY ARE!

We’ve been taught to perceive ourselves as these puny, meat-suit wearing puppets that have little control over ourselves, our health or our lives.

We’re programmed to believe that if we can’t see, hear, smell, taste or touch it, that it doesn’t exist. That the material world is, well – solid, material.

At Becoming Superhuman we tell a different story!

Becoming Superhuman is a formula designed to help you remember who and how POWERFUL YOU REALLY ARE!

Using the latest science and research as a map of understanding for the mind and a plethora of experiences for the body, Becoming Superhuman will take you deeper into yourself and help you remember your latent powers and abilities.

We’ll help you reconnect with the infinite potential, the infinitely dense sea of energy that is within and all around you – the quantum field – and we’ll train you once again to tune to it, to become more aware of it.

Once you’ve regained the understanding and tools to reconnect with your Power – Your True Power – you’ll unlock the secrets to health, longevity, and even manifestation.

With practice you’ll replace dis-ease, stress, fatigue, and hardship with optimal health, energy, ease, and abundance from here forth!

You will move from victim to victor in every area of your life!


Becoming Superhuman Includes

  • Yoga, Training, Ice Baths & Heat Therapy
  • Science of activating the Pineal Gland
  • Science of cold therapy & intermittent hypoxic training
  • Moving from human self, connecting to your Future Self
  • Meditation and breathing to unlock greatness
  • Neuro-physiology, Epigenetics and the Quantum model of reality
  • Moving beyond the veil to see your true self – from separation to oneness
  • Moving beyond the senses, connecting with the sea of infinite energy and potential

We take you on a journey beginning with the you that you THINK you are, and by the time we finish in 6 short days, you won’t believe who you’ve become!

We connect you so deeply and profoundly to your Superhuman – Superhero You – with powerful education sessions and profound, daily experiences that include meditation, breathing techniques, ice and heat therapy, hiking, various forms of strenuous physical exercise, sharing circles and much, much more.

Experiencing is believing… Experience anchors it in, so that you fully embody what you have learned.


  • A New Model of Reality
  • Brainwaves & Entrainment
  • Qi Building & Energy Meditation
  • Self Image (current/future)
  • Neuro-physiological Understanding
  • Conscious, Subconscious Mind
  • Mindset & Manifestation
  • Fitness Training/Workouts
  • Medicine Journey
  • Authentic Sharing Circles
  • Breath Work
  • Ice Therapy
  • Heat Therapy
  • Dynamic Movement
  • Adventure/Excursion


Lee Davy 
(Modern Day Samurai)

Lee’s search began early; 13 years old – a true seeker – feeling as though the programs we are fed from birth about what life is suppose to be, held little truth or resonance.
Finally, after years of anxiety – feeling alien – uncomfortable is his own skin, Lee continuously found himself in study or medicine ritual with various ancients or thought leaders of our time.
Delving deeply into fitness, nutrition, neurology, physiology, healing, mindfulness, meditation, ancient medicines, transformation, the quantum sciences, physics, energy work, and other forms of Self- Mastery, Lee has spent nearly three decades becoming the embodiment of that which he sought out for transformation.
“I wish only to share with you what I have learned over a life time of studying the health, consciousness and healing arts. I wish for you to gain the same benefits and outlook that comes from working with and mastering the mental, emotional, physical and Spiritual mixture from which we are all made.
I feel I have a formula to help take you back to who you really are, back to truly ‘KNOWING THYSELF'”

Daniel de Luis

Daniel de Luis is a certified Wim Hof Method, Instructor and also a certified mindfulness/meditation and yoga instructor.

He attended The Sivananda Forrest Academy Vedanta Centre, studying the classical style of the ancient practice of yoga and became immersed in the discipline of traditional yogic culture. He has blended the esoteric with the scientific and has over 25,000 hours of teaching experience. He has had the opportunity of teaching many Olympic, elite and professional athletes, has given stress reduction wellness progams/workshops in a wide range of facilities including Government agencies, correctional institutions, Police/Fire Departments, hospitals, elementary and high schools and colleges.

Daniel helps people with issues ranging from back pain, stress reduction and over all wellbeing. He has committed his life to helping others benefit from his experiences through the Wim Hof Method, breath work, meditation and mindful yogic practices.

“Along my journey of healing and self discovery, I have studied many disciplines and have found an abundance of benefits helping us navigate through such a stressful fast paced world. Yoga, breath work and meditation can have a powerful effect in helping us deal with stress. When I was introduced to the Wim Hof Method,

I instantly knew I’d stumbled upon something very powerful helping to unlock our human potential. The effects and benefits I saw immediately encouraged me to go deeper and become a certified instructor. I can truly say that in 13 years of practicing and teaching yoga I have never felt or seen a method have such an impact on mental and physical wellbeing.

Having seen the benefits on overall human performance from this method, along with Wim’s passion for helping others obtain health, strength and happiness, has instilled in me a deep motivation to bring it to as many as possible.”


Thank you doesn’t even begin to express how grateful I am! What an insane, awakening, mind blowing, eye opening, magical experience. I got into my car and bust into tears. This is something that I will definitely continue to practice daily.

I use to suffer from anxiety and depression and was on three different meds, stemming from an eating disorder. Learning to properly meditate, to TRUST what I was feeling and that it’s OK to question what we’ve been told for so many years, was and continues to be amazing. On top of it all, Ramp Training kicks my butt and has helped me lose my last 12lbs, making me more confident in my own skin. Lee has helped me take my health back!

Knowing he is just a message away and will help pick you up when you fall is truly an amazing feeling, for which I will always be grateful.

Would I recommend working with Lee? IN A HEART BEAT!

Lee has helped me change my life!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart”

Jennifer Abbott

I have had the pleasure of following Lee Davy on his journey of personal growth, abundance, and creative breakthroughs. Lee’s journey has not only catapulted his own personal growth but that of countless others on a global scale, myself included. I have built my life around adding value to others through the growth process using coaching and consulting services. It was not until I began following Lee, that I could experience my own breakthrough resulting in ultimate balance and purpose focused living. For me, this had a huge impact, as I pride myself in being a leader who not only talks the talk, but walks the walk.

Lee Davy’s extensive knowledge surrounding energy meditation combined with RAMP physical training has raised the bar concerning the cultivation of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. I have found Qi Gund and Energy Meditation to benefit and be of the greatest asset to my growth and the effectiveness of my services.

The first time I followed Lee’s step-by-step video on how to influence the Autonomic Nervous System and the innate immune response, it literally was upon the completion of the breathing, meditation, and yoga. Upon the release of the last breath, which was explained by Lee to release toxins and negativity, my body literally moved on its own like a wave coming up my spine moving my head forward in what felt like slow motion. It was literally a matrix moment. In that moment, I knew Lee Davy was not only talking the talk, he was also one who is walking the walk. Living life and improving himself and his life’s purpose to help others improve, grow, and achieve.

Since then, I have lost 40 pounds, I have reversed diabetes and high blood pressure, and I am certainly moving my life and my business of helping others forward. I highly recommend others live in what I like to call the Leeway. (Leeway-the amount of freedom to move or act that is available: freedom, scope, latitude, space, room, liberty, flexibility, license).

Countless thanks to Lee Davy, you are the best at what you do!

Belinda McAllister

If I had to summarize what I have received from undertaking Lee’s coaching, I would say it is: True Empowerment & Clarity.

Lee truly brings together a powerful fusion of true human wellness wisdom that combines his journey of self-discovery, extensive knowledge of holistic health, energy and healing arts along with a most sincere and genuine interest to help you heal and connect to your most highest self.

His coaching empowered me to recognize and bring clarity to what I most truly wanted for myself and then develop a plan with tools to get there. With his authenticity, organic teaching approach, patience and thoughtful inquiry, he led me to dive deep to really grasp and get clear on what was my mission, identify what was holding me back and took me forward with a plan and tools that would help me with my growth from the inside out – naturally.

And as all of our growth takes time even with a plan, Lee stays connected to assist along the way as a true coach and friend.

With all my heart, Thank you Lee.

Anastasia Soutos


We offer a variety of accommodations totalling 17 double occupancy suites (sleeps 34), and a Staff and Master’s Executive Suite (sleeps 5).
We can accommodate up to 39 total attendees. Single occupancy is also available at an additional cost.

*For groups larger than 39 people we can accommodate with nearby housing.

Each room is equipped with 850 thread count bedding for maximum comfort,
high-speed internet, and clean drinking water derived from our artesian well.


Featuring over 12,000 square feet of space over looking thousands of acres and the South Pacific coast,
our three Bali Homes are imported from Indonesia and boast hand-carved architecture.


Six Jungle Bungalows built on the side of the mountain on the pathway to our very own private waterfall. Bali inspired, the interiors feature natural finishings and a gorgeous exposed shower and bath tub.


During your retreat, ride in style. Our local drivers also double as tour guides, and our SUVs are highest quality and newest Land Cruisers around. Included in transport is roundtrip airport run and up to 100KM per day from Imiloa, making the country accessible and easy to navigate.

Guests arrive refreshed, relaxed and you don’t need to coordinate a thing!


Six Buckminster Fuller inspired Geodesic River Domes, among the best made in the world and partially powered by solar energy, sit perched on the edge of our private river with the fresh, flowing water feeding up to the domes.

Experience the soothing sounds of relaxing and sleeping next to flowing water. Amazing!


The House of Masters, located in the center of the property, is a 2,000 square foot Balinese structure hanging 100 feet in the Jungle canopy. Adjacent are restrooms and a yoga storage room for mats, blocks and more. The space can be converted for any type of retreat, workshop or dance party.


A sprawling 3,000 square foot space that is the “Heart of Imiloa,” our social space features loungy, multicultural inspired furnishings, couches, and 5 imported tables from Bali, all under a Polynesian style roof.



Jungle paths connect the 20+ acres at Imiloa, with hand-made stairs and lighting, creating an immersive, easy experience for you and guests.


Beyond the Jungle Bungalows is a path that leads to our own private waterfall. Descend into what feels like an enchanted jungle forest as you bask in the magic and beauty of the surrounding nature.

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