APRIL 22-27, 2020


Be inspired to discover your highest, sacred purpose.


It has taken you years of commitment, self-work, inner practice, and service to get to where you are now. But deep within you, you know you are destined for something MORE.

There is a sacred place within you that keeps pushing, creating, and seeking. No one has access to this except YOU. Your mind, body and soul have been waiting for you to take the next step, to level up your transformation and discover your destiny, the life you were meant to live.

Do you know what your deepest desires are? What lights you up? The reason why you want to wake up in the morning? When was the last time you gave your self permission and time to answer reflect upon these questions? It could be changing a career, traveling, improving a relationship, buying a home, starting a business, or simply needing more alone time.

No matter how big or small, your desires are valid and important. Your destiny ultimately comes from the deepest level of desire within, the deepest level of intention.

We welcome you to your destination journey which is designed to be life-changing on all levels. We help create the sacred healing space for your foundation, alignment, growth and the experiences for you to dive deep within to explore your inner strength, your wisdom, and to call upon your higher, sacred purpose.

We help you AWAKEN, ALIGN, NOURISH AND PREPARE you for your ascension into the next level of your highest, sacred destiny. We combine a perfect blend of practical and magical inner-work, deep insightful and experiential activities, healing ceremonies, adventure and massive self-discovery into your highest, sacred purpose and fulfill your destiny.


Wendi Lindenmuth

Wendi M. Lindenmuth is the founder of Healing Forward, LLC. She is a master transformational healer, teacher and mindset wizard when it comes to healing your mind, body, spirit connection. She has over 25 years of teaching and professional experience making an impact on thousands of clients all over the world.

Her story…. The summer of 2015 I was blindsided by a multitude of crazy illnesses that set the path to change my life forever. I was unexpectedly hit with shingles, which led to viral meningitis (three times) due to a staph infection and MRSA and my thyroid was attacked and rendered non-functioning! Up until then, I was a successful consultant in the medical device field and a competitive athlete/ cyclist.

After countless medical tests, I was finally diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease and other tick co-infections, which had triggered all the above illnesses. I also suffered from muscle and nerve damage (peripheral neuropathy) which made it extremely difficult and painful to use my limbs for normal daily activities such as walking, brushing my hair and teeth and doing the dishes. I was diagnosed with a severe traumatic brain injury from the meningitis which made it difficult to listen to any form of sound, watch television or even read and my vision was damaged. For a time, I couldn’t even understand what people were saying, it sounded like some weird jumbled up language.

I am still recovering from many of these symptoms but realize I have a choice every day to how I show up in my life and how I react to it.

After exploring a variety of both western and alternative medicine, I was introduced to alternative healing and I began to witness my WHOLE SELF; body, mind and spirit transform and heal. This had such a profound impact on healing my whole being; body, mind and soul that I have since worked with thousands of people to help them heal and teach them the tools to heal themselves by transforming their pain into purpose

Linda Galvan

Linda Galvan, is a MASSIVE Life Transformation Personal Growth Facilitator and Guide.

She serves spiritually-minded women and men in mid-life and beyond who are ready to reach the higher levels of their soul calling and life purpose but feel stuck or unable to move forward in the direction of their more sacred desires.


.We create a safe, intimate, healing setting in which you will experience:

• Expanded space of self-discovery and grounding through our morning and evening sacred healing ceremonies which lay the foundation of your experience by clearing away fears, blocks and limitations.

• Daily integration and teaching to accompany and escalate your personal healing process to get ready for your transition into the next level of purpose.

• Nourishing surroundings to grow, expand, release and allow your transition to flow with ease and grace.

• Understanding who you truly are by slowly quieting the noise within in order to allow space for understanding of personal truth.

• The powerful creative energy of nature and the universe running within you by getting crystal clear on your dreams and desires. If you don’t know what this is yet, that’s ok.

• Awareness of creating a meaningful change in your life.

• How to let go and relinquish any attachment to the outcome. You will learn to trust in the universe in co-creating with you a fulfilling life you were meant to live.

• Discovering your purpose, your light, your truth, and how to dance with it and celebrate it.

• Nourishing food for your body, mind and soul consisting of a 3 organic, plant-based meals per day and snacks. (We will have a hands-on experience lesson working with the master chef to create and delicious recipe as well).

• Experiential aligned activities and experiences to facilitate and create lasting transformations

• An aligned location to support your transformational healing and shifts

• How to listen to your inner voice, trust yourself, and the work you’ve done and will do once you leave.

• Practical mindset tools and strategies to learn and implement into your daily life.

• Deep connections

• Adventure and Surprise

• Personal reflection time

• Being awakened, prepared, inspired and ready to step into the next level of your highest, sacred purpose.

• Your own private luxury room. Each room is equipped with 850 thread count bedding for maximum comfort, high-speed internet, and clean drinking water derived from our artesian well. You can choose from the; 200 year old Balinese homes with ocean views, jungle bungalows and geodesic riverside domes.

• A spectacular 200m² “House of Masters” tree-house like structure that can be used for yoga, meditation, workshops, gatherings, dance, etc. • Healing Salt-water pool and spas overlooking the ocean

• Jungle paths that connect to 20+ acres, with hand-made stairs and lighting, creating an immersive, easy experience for you.

• What it feels like to be surrounded in an enchanted jungle forest as you bask in the magic and beauty of the surrounding nature that leads to a magical private waterfall.

• Support before and after the retreat.

WHY COSTA RICA? A true transformational retreat is a life-changing event where the LOCATION ALIGNS with the teachings so that the impact of the transformation and the experiential activities is PROFOUND. This is why we chose Imiloa Institute in Costa Rica. Upon arrival, you feel the vibrant energy of the healing rain forest and it’s history. You feel safe. You feel at home. You feel refreshed and renewed. As a leader in sustainability, surpassing its fourth consecutive year producing 98% of clean energy generation, a leader in social peace, having no standing national army for almost 100 years, and being one of the most protected bio-diverse regions in the world. It lives up to its name as the land of “Pura Vida!”

You will leave Imiloa with:

• The knowledge of how to become awakened, aligned and inspired to step into the next level of your highest, sacred purpose.

• An understanding of who you are.

• The knowledge of how to get crystal clear on your intentions, dreams and desires and implementing these into your daily life

• The experience of creating massive self-discovery into your highest, most sacred space within, your destiny.


“I have my life back! Wendi is a compassionate transformational teacher. I can’t even imagine where I would be if I didn’t have her helping me. I get to show up as the leader I am and not feel overwhelmed by the thought of my life anymore… and that’s 100% because I feel better and can actually function. I am grateful!” Andrea Williams

“Linda is wise teacher who offers a safe and caring space to learn, to heal, and to inspire our creative lives into full being. I have experienced quantum leaps of healing and clarity in just one session with her and cannot fully put into words how much I value her subtle and insightful soul-transforming work, for the ripple effects are far-reaching. With Linda’s steady guidance, you will experience the alchemy of who you truly are come to life with ease, grace, and gentleness. What a gift for the soul!” Tina Karagulian

“Wendi Lindenmuth is a powerful support system for people with chronic illness or pain so they can reclaim their body. She is pretty epic.” PollyAnna Brown


We offer a variety of accommodations totalling 17 double occupancy suites (sleeps 34), and a Staff and Master’s Executive Suite (sleeps 5).
We can accommodate up to 39 total attendees. Single occupancy is also available at an additional cost.

*For groups larger than 39 people we can accommodate with nearby housing.

Each room is equipped with 850 thread count bedding for maximum comfort,
high-speed internet, and clean drinking water derived from our artesian well.


Featuring over 12,000 square feet of space over looking thousands of acres and the South Pacific coast,
our three Bali Homes are imported from Indonesia and boast hand-carved architecture.


Six Jungle Bungalows built on the side of the mountain on the pathway to our very own private waterfall. Bali inspired, the interiors feature natural finishings and a gorgeous exposed shower and bath tub.


During your retreat, ride in style. Our local drivers also double as tour guides, and our SUVs are highest quality and newest Land Cruisers around. Included in transport is roundtrip airport run and up to 100KM per day from Imiloa, making the country accessible and easy to navigate.

Guests arrive refreshed, relaxed and you don’t need to coordinate a thing!


Six Buckminster Fuller inspired Geodesic River Domes, among the best made in the world and partially powered by solar energy, sit perched on the edge of our private river with the fresh, flowing water feeding up to the domes.

Experience the soothing sounds of relaxing and sleeping next to flowing water. Amazing!


The House of Masters, located in the center of the property, is a 2,000 square foot Balinese structure hanging 100 feet in the Jungle canopy. Adjacent are restrooms and a yoga storage room for mats, blocks and more. The space can be converted for any type of retreat, workshop or dance party.


A sprawling 3,000 square foot space that is the “Heart of Imiloa,” our social space features loungy, multicultural inspired furnishings, couches, and 5 imported tables from Bali, all under a Polynesian style roof.



Jungle paths connect the 20+ acres at Imiloa, with hand-made stairs and lighting, creating an immersive, easy experience for you and guests.


Beyond the Jungle Bungalows is a path that leads to our own private waterfall. Descend into what feels like an enchanted jungle forest as you bask in the magic and beauty of the surrounding nature.