Un retiro personal para nutrirnos, reconectarnos y sanar.

A partir de ahora.
Selecciona las fechas que prefieras.

Ahora más que nunca, es crucial para nosotros en Imiloa permanecer fieles a nuestro propósito de convertirnos en un hogar y una experiencia en donde todos los seres vivos son bienvenidos para despertar su conciencia en servicio y armonía con el planeta ♥️

El mundo necesita que elevemos la frecuencia del amor y la abundancia y como dice Tony Robbins, la energía fluye donde va la atención.

Por eso nos complace invitarte a rediseñar y crear el impacto positivo que el mundo tanto anhela.

Durante este período de distanciamiento social, nuestro oasis de 22 hectareas en la selva está listo para recibirlos.

Es hora de reconectarse, con la naturaleza, con nosotros mismos y con los demás.  

Jungle Healing es una nueva modalidad donde te sumergirás en una experiencia de sanación a tu propio ritmo.

Te ofrecemos hermosas opciones de alojamiento, comidas veganas, clases diarias de bienestar, ceremonias de cacao y más, pero vos decidis de qué queres formar parte. 

¿Queres ir de excursión y caminar por la selva? Adelante. 

¿Queres bailar y mover todo tu cuerpo? Hagámoslo.

¿Queres nadar en nuestra cascada privada? Por supuesto.

¿Queres relajarte, leer un libro y desconectarte del teléfono? Que así sea.

Es hora de escuchar lo que realmente necesitas, reconectarte con la naturaleza, y levantarte de nuevo. 

Tu Lugar de Retiro

Elegí entre quedarte en casas balinesas de 200 años de antigüedad, lujosos domos selváticos o impresionantes bungalows en la jungla.

Y recordá, puedes quedarte todo el tiempo que necesites.

ESTAS [email protected] PARA RECONECTARTE?



A personal retreat to nurture, reconnect and heal ourselves.

Starting now.
Select the dates you prefer.

Now more than ever, it’s crucial for us at Imiloa to stay true to our purpose of becoming a home and experience where all living beings are welcome to awaken their consciousness in service and harmony to ourselves and the planet

The world needs us to raise the frequency of love and abundance and as Tony Robbins says, energy flows where attention goes. 

That’s why we’re pleased to have you join us as we redesign and create the positive impact the world is so craving for.

During this period of social distancing, our 22-acre jungle oasis is ready to receive you.

It’s time to reconnect, to nature, to ourselves and to others.


Jungle Healing is a new modality where you immerse yourself in a healing experience to the beat of your own drum.

We offer you beautiful accommodation options, nourishing plant-based meals, daily wellness classes, cacao ceremonies and more, but you decide what you want to be a part of.

Want to go for a hike and stretch your legs through the jungle? Go ahead.
Want to dance your heart away? Let’s do it.
Want to swim in our private waterfall? Be our guest.
Want to relax, read a book and disconnect from your phone? So be it.

It’s time to listen to what you need, reconnect to nature, and to rise anew.

Your venue

Choose to stay in 200-year-old Balinese homes, luxurious jungle domes or breathtaking jungalows.

And remember, you can stay for as long as you need.


3 Big Mistakes Retreat Hosts Make (and how to avoid them)


There are several mistakes a retreat host can make, but we’ve identified the three major ones so you can be mindful
of them.
Why? Because we want you to improve and adjust before your next retreat.


Common Mistake #1: Not devising a marketing strategy that sings and sells.

Retreats are a competitive and growing industry. The key is to start selling as soon as you launch. We encourage this action taking based on authenticity, clarity, and an early bird ticket strategy (mass x velocity = momentum momentum momentum)

Having your offer in front of the right people at the right time, framed in the right way, is gold.

Having early sales is not only valuable for your own personal momentum, but others see tickets selling fast as an assurance that your event is exactly where they need to be.

Solution: Start building your audience up before the launch date, let them know that you’ll have an early-bird rate and set a goal of selling at least three tickets in the first week!

Common Mistake #2: Not having the proper on the ground support (or at-home support)

You may think, or trick yourself into believing that you have your retreat operations and logistics under control. But, where attention goes, energy flows. When the time comes, do you want to focus on your clients and the content?

The truth is that your need to hold space for every participant, and you can’t do it while having to think about and take action with the logistics.

Solution: Delegation. Try to take off everything you possibly can off your plate. Your clients will experience the difference, and you’ll feel a lot better, too. Hire support or trade it, but you need at least two people (every 20 pax).

From operations, event planning, logistical, and creative support during your time hosting, it’s all about clearing your schedule so you can do what you do best, BEING YOU and sharing what you know best.

Common Mistake #3: Not accounting for all costs and expenses.

The clearer you are around the costs and expenses, the more peacefully prosperous you’ll be.

Closing down the vendors, locking down the experience, and having clarity on the expenses (our mantra) from 60-30 days before your event is crucial.

Surveys by Sherri Rosenthal, founder of Wanderlust Entrepreneurs and the Queen of teaching retreat hosts how to convert <LINK TO SHERRI MEANINGFUL CONTENT>, show that average retreat hosts hosting on their own (not with Imiloa) spend about 100 hours preparing.

At $100 per hour, that’s $10,000, which should be your minimum to earn.

Solution: Account for all costs and expenses, set your bare minimum, and sign an agreement with the venue to avoid any “extra charges” in the end.

We know organizing, marketing, and hosting a retreat might sound daring, but you don’t have to do it alone. We’re here to help.

Let us share some #humblebrags: Our average retreat host walks with $30,800 for their 5.6-night retreat, and with 75% of masters rebooking retreats, we can assure that you have EVERYTHING you need to make your retreat a success.

From our Director of Marketing, ensuring that you’re selling at least three tickets after you launch your event page to the entire team of +20 people on site. We make sure that your event goes as smoothly as possible.

To learn more about how Imiloa can help, simply book the Live Discovery Series <INSERT LINK>, where you’ll not only speak with Imiloa’s co-founder and president but also meet a select few top world-class teachers as well. Cultivating meaningful relationships will support you, your clients, and your work in the world.

That means we can create and market your back-end page that sells tickets, offer copywriting expertise that converts, a social media strategy that is meaningful and metrics focused. Plus, on the ground support from the moment, you land to the moment the last person leaves Costa Rica on their flight home.

Your attendee’s transformation may start when they enroll, but yours can start NOW.

Lots of love!

The Imiloa Team

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Check Out Upcoming Retreats

The Phoenix Retreat


The Phoenix Retreat


Aug 15-19, 2020




A women’s retreat, a yoga retreat, a meditation retreat all in one!

The Phoenix Retreat is a luxurious, transformational, and all-inclusive retreat for women. The Retreat is named after the mythical bird that sets itself aflame, then rises anew from the ashes. This is a healing retreat that combines powerful personal growth work with deep relaxation yoga practices to help you drop the armor, shed the old skin, and live a more joy-FULL and authentic life.

Many people believe that the moment the phoenix breaks out in flames is unintentional, a reaction to some external circumstance, or against the birds will. However, according to Greek mythology, the Phoenix has the power to decide when it is ready to embrace the flames. This is another powerful reason the Phoenix is the perfect metaphor for this retreat.

If you are ready to step into your power and let go of what is no longer serving you whether that is fears, limiting beliefs, childhood wounds, or just old fashioned guilt and shame – then this is a retreat for you.


Our Promise to you, if you are willing to be brave, drop the armor, and do this work with us you will see changes in yourself, your life, and the lives of those around you:

  • We will dive deep down and do the necessary work to free ourselves from the limiting beliefs that lead us to this spot in life – uncovering our purpose and redefining what we want our lives to be.
  • Radical self-acceptance comes when we are willing to see ourselves exactly as we are, right where we are – and accept all of it.

  • Once you see who you are and learn to identify, define and cultivate your own purpose – you will naturally give up shame and guilt, you will embrace forgiveness, and love yourself flaws and all.

  • When we are disconnected from ourselves, we are cut off from others too. Building mindful self-awareness practices help us reconnect breathing new life and power into our personal relationships.
  • We will develop daily self-care practices that you can take home with you bringing intention and self-love with you every day.
  • For this retreat, we will be unplugged. There will be no tablets allowed at the retreat at all, with only limited cell phone access. Emergency contact information will be provided.

  • The greatest gift most women take with them from the retreat is the connections they make with other women. You will get to take that same love, support, and accountability home with you.


Every bit of personal development work, every stretch, and breath of yoga, is structured in such a way to make radical self-acceptance a reality. You will see yourself fully and let go of what no longer serves you. You will stand in your power and face your fears, and you will rise up with clarity, courage, and renewed hope for what is possible.



Kendra Davies

Kendra started Stellar Life Coaching in 2013 with the mission to transform how we live, love and do business using the powerful science of Positive Psychology. She is a professional certified coach and Positive Psychology Practitioner, with 13 years of experience in HR and training and development for organizations like AAA, Deloitte, and Lockheed Martin. Kendra holds a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Behavior from Rollins College.

Beyond her professional and academic qualifications, Kendra lives her work. A recovering perfectionist, alcoholic and drug addict (19 years), beulemic, and childhood trauma, and postpartum depression survivor,  her path to recovery and healing began at 14 and has been anything but a straight line. One thing has been consistent though – women who seemingly had no reason to believe in her, or real cause to support her- did. They walked her through the darkest moments, and showed her how to access self-love, and embrace personal growth. This love and support from the countless women in her life changed everything. That is why the Phoenix Retreat exists. Women coming together and walking with each other through the darkness – and discovering the light. Her personal story and her experience makes the work on the Phoenix Retreat that much more powerful and enriching. Kendra is committed to empowering her women to live their best most authentic lives and to stand fully in their power.

Samantha Santiago

Samantha Santiago is the Lead Instructor and Co-facilitator at Ignite | Yoga and Wellness Institute in Orlando, FL. She has transformed her mental health, relationships, and life through yoga & meditation. Since then, she has made it her mission to spread the transformational tools & experiences that help her live a full and passionate life.

Samantha is a Certified (E-RYT) 200HR Yoga Teacher, a 500HR Trained, Trauma Informed, and Kids Yoga Teacher. She is a Somatic and Energy Healer with certifications in Reiki healing and Women’s Leadership. You can find her leading workshops, classes, and private group/one-on-one sessions both in Orlando and internationally. She helps her clients access self-empowerment, deep spiritual connection, and transformational emotional healing through movement, meditation, breath work, and restorative healing practices.

What’s Included in Your Ticket:

  • The Phoenix Retreat includes more than 24 hours of intensive group and one-on-one coaching.
  • Novice or a yoga master, you will be invigorated and empowered with our Yoga & Meditation practices. With 7 hours of group yoga & 5 hours of instructor lead meditation and visualization. Additional private and semi-private yoga/meditation also available during retreat (booked separately).
  • Single or double occupancy at the stunning Imiloa Institute
  • All meals, snacks, & beverages will be prepared by Imiloa chef. Enjoy non-processed local organic and delicious food vegan & vegetarian. Note: this is 100% plant based diet for the retreat. 
  • All  Retreat Materials: Phoenix Workbook, Journal, Yoga Mat & all necessary supplies for the carefully selected activities will be provided.

What’s Not Included:

  • Your flight to SJO. 

  • Travel Insurance (not required)

  • Local Excursions 

Scale Your Mindset, Scale Your Impact

Scale Your Mindset, Scale Your Impact



a retreat for female entrepreneurs & coaches

Jan 19-21, 2021




Are you a female entrepreneur or coach, with a deep desire to contribute more to your family, your business, community, and be more fulfilled yourself?

Transform your inner game and align more powerfully with your unique personal and business purpose at the Scale Your Mindset, Scale Your Impact Retreat!

We are two female entrepreneurs, coaches, partners and mothers. We’ve held executive roles at major corporations, started up businesses, volunteered, and found work-life presence through practicing self-care.  And yes, we’re having a boatload of fun! 

Investing in ourselves and making the impact we want in the world has meant reconnecting powerfully with our aspirations as women business leaders. 

No business grows if you don’t look carefully under the hood.

The same is true with us and you.

At “Scale Your Mindset, Scale Your Impact,” we’ll share powerful exercises and tools to take stock of where you are, reconnect you with You, and ignite the impact you want to have on the planet, harmonizing your life inside and outside the home. 

We have a group of powerful, caring female entrepreneurs and coaches and are inviting a select few women besides, to collaborate, inspire and support one another to align our desires with our lives, values and vision, and to look around corners vulnerably.


1.  Clarity on the impact you want your business to make.

2. How you want to change the world.

3. How newly aligned beliefs impact finances, and what to do about it.

4. Deep awareness of where you are and the mindset shifts you want to make.

5.  Alignment of your personal and business purpose, values and vision.

6. Differentiated strategy to achieve your aspirations and impact.

7. Practical next steps and plan to move you forward.

8. Like-minded community that will support and enable you and hold you accountable – if you desire!



Juletta Broomfield


Juletta is focused on growth acceleration, coaching, entrepreneurship and is a recovering intrapreneur (and recovering very well, thank you!).

As an accredited Growth Coach, Juletta has enjoyed a 25-year career launching tech-based and other businesses working in and for large global corporations and Governments in four continents.

A critical success factor for Juletta is mastering and scaling her and her teams’ mindsets – their inner and infinite games – to achieve their personal and business desires.

Juletta has an impressive track record in getting CEOs unstuck, enabling rapid turnarounds, and catalyzing extraordinary growth strategies.

Juletta’s C-level clients and senior leadership teams challenge status quo, break molds and make a difference in everything they do!

Working with Juletta, they gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their big why and re-energize their aspirations and bias for action.

In “Scaling Your Mindset, Scaling Your Impact”, Juletta shares her time tested and proven approaches to enable entrepreneurs and coaches to 10x their and her mindsets and their businesses while impacting the world and enjoying life to the full.


Lisa Foulger


Lisa Foulger is a passionate and inspirational executive leadership and entrepreneurial growth coach.

She enjoys a track record of transforming teams by encouraging them to embrace change, leading transformation, inviting risks that cause growth, developing leadership qualities in all members of the team and in turn, causing outstanding business results.

She’s an astute corporate executive with a 25-year global career, with the last 11 years being in Central America.

She combines her global business experience, along with coaching skills, to elevate executives to be able to design and navigate authentic leadership journeys.

This has resulted in startups to multinational corporations being able to build diverse pipelines, scale their businesses and individual careers all the way attaining a self of fulfillment and freedom.

Lisa loves challenges and new experiences, travel, family time, all things outdoors especially incredible beaches, reading, health and wellness. She enjoys volunteering to better her community and make a positive sustaining impact in building future leaders.


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