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At Imiloa, we celebrate Mastery in all its forms. We believe that Masters are those among us brave enough to go out on the leading edge, remembering to turn back and invite the rest of us out there with them. They make it safe for exploration beyond the norm and within the depths of self-awareness.


Imiloa provides an ideal setting for hosting events and we offer the luxury of elegance and comfort. We can accommodate up to 34 guests in 17 rooms, including a Master's suite with two rooms that sleeps up to 5, which is reserved for retreat leaders and facilitators. Guests can choose from our geodesic riverside domes, jungle bungalows or our majestic, 200 year old Balinese villas that feature ocean sunset views.


Leadership programs, consciousness exploration, visual and performing arts workshops, meditation, yoga and movement classes, all are welcome at Imiloa. Our “House of Masters” is an ever-evolving platform that celebrates learning and mastery in a co-creative and immersive environment.


Our connection with nature is so important and it's why we maintain it through harmonious practices at Imiloa. We believe in the power of nature to inspire, heal, and transform. With over 20 acres of jungle, trails, a river and our very own private waterfall, guests can immerse themselves in one of the most biodiverse regions on the planet. Our mountainous location provides breathtaking, panoramic views overlooking the Pacific coast, and the beach is just a short jaunt away.

House of masters

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At Imiloa, we believe in celebrating the interdisciplinary approach to Mastery. Our team, on the ground in Costa Rica and around the world, works with you to help realize your vision. With a team of hospitality specialists, project managers, marketing gurus, local vendors and high-end chefs, we are experts at helping you plan, organize, promote and execute the ideal experience for you and your guests.

The following Master Discovery Process is a way for us to determine if we are a great fit and to help coordinate a Shared Vision together. If you are interested in hosting your next Event at Imiloa, please fill out the form below. We respond to every inquiry within 24 hours.

Warmly, Jake, Nadav, India, Matteo and the entire Imiloa Family!

What We Offer

  • Accommodations for 17 double occupancy rooms (sleeps 34)
  • A Staff and Master's Executive Suite (sleeps 5)
  • Total of 39 attendees (we can accommodate more if needed with nearby housing)
  • Master + 1 (significant other) stay for free compliments of Imiloa Institute
  • Choose from our Balinese homes, jungle bungalows and geodesic riverside domes
  • All-inclusive with retreat packages
  • On-call SUV's and drivers
  • Daily shuttle service to and from the airport and for daily activities (within 100km of the campus, one-way)
  • All-inclusive with retreat packages
  • Guests will be served 3 plant-based meals per day and more
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