Animal Soul Connection: Jungle Immersion in Costa Rica


Jan 22-28, 2021

I’m Danielle MacKinnon, animal communicator, intuitive, and Soul Level® Coach. For twenty years, I’ve been teaching people Soul Level Animal Communication®, my unique technique to intuitively communicate with animals. Using my Soul Level Connection® method, we go beyond surface intuition to the soul level – where animals are actually helping us heal within and evolve our souls.

Join me in Costa Rica and connect with animals in a way that moves your soul!

Let me guide you as you open yourself to animals at the deepest level, through this incredible experience in Costa Rica.

Over the course of this 7-day experiential retreat, we’ll explore the Costa Rican jungle and ocean, intuitively connecting with the animals we meet. Through workshops and excursions with me, you’ll learn how to play with your intuition so you can experience the full depth of the unconditional love that the animals have to offer.

This is more than just animal communication. I’ll show you how to experience a soul level connection with animals, giving you the opportunity to focus on yourself too! What you need most right now – whatever that is – the animals know and meet you right there.

Our experience together

Along with soul level workshops with me, you’ll also have the opportunity to play with your new found Soul Level Animal Communication® skills with animals in the wild through three exciting and distinct excursions – each designed to bring out a different focus in your connect with animals.

Dolphins and other sea animals

Dolphins and other water beings are attracted to the Soul Level connection energy. We’ll take a boat out onto the serene Pacific Ocean, giving the dolphins an opportunity to discover us. Perhaps, they’ll even beckon us into the water to swim with them! Imagine your newfound connection skills to enhance your water experience – calling to the dolphins and their babies to come and play.

Monkeys, sloths, and birds

We’ll go to one of the most biodiverse locations in the world to connect with the animals there. Walking through the lush rainforest, surrounded by the energy of Capuchin monkeys, sloths, and all sorts of birds, your new found skills in connecting to various animals will help you feel all that the animals want you to feel!

Humpback whales and others 

For years I’ve been called to align with Humpback whales and here, we have an extraordinary opportunity. Humpback whales have a connection to human consciousness like no other being on Earth. We’ll use our intuition to connect with these deeply sensitive gigantic beings… What lessons do they have for us? For human consciousness?

Please be aware: These are live animal experiences, out in the wild, so we can’t guarantee ALL of the animals will show up when we ask them to!

Whether you’re an animal communication newbie or a pro, this jungle-meets-ocean connection retreat is for you!

New to Soul Animal Level Communication®?

As we work together at Imiloa, you’ll learn to connect intuitively with animals using my unique Soul Level Animal Communication®® technique, the common challenges when doing so, and how to overcome barriers to your own psychic abilities in the process. Designed to combine “classroom” time in a beautiful 3,000 sq foot Balinese pavilion experiential learning out in the field, the “Meet the Animal Soul: Jungle Immersion in Costa Rica” is an experience unlike any other.


Already know Soul Animal Level Communication®?

Continue developing your skills with me as your mentor. We’ll work together to hone your skills as you take a step out of your comfort zone to connect with animals in the wild – from sloths to dolphins, to monkeys, anteaters and whales! I’ll be there to tune into YOU to help you directly as you challenge yourself and grow your skills.

With this level of connection and conscious contact, the animals can help you heal, grow, and evolve your own soul.

What Will You Learn?



Whether you’re just now opening your psychic senses or you’ve been studying with me for a long time, you’ll learn how to dive into the soul of the animal (as the animal will allow) and experience a connection like no other


Using my Soul Level Animal Communication® method, that you learn during the workshop portion of your adventure, you’ll be ready for the deep experiences the animals have to offer you in their natural environment


Often, opening and connecting with animals brings about its own challenges that can stand in the way of your forward movement. Learn how to manage your intuitive opening so you can delve into that Soul Level connection.


While I’ll be teaching during this retreat as well, the purpose of our time together is to ENJOY what we’re learning and experiencing. Sometimes people forget this – connection like this is FUN!


Align with your tribe – that group of sensitive beings that love animals almost as much as you (or maybe more!) – people who will understand the changes emerging in you as a result of your deep connection to the animals.


You’ll get plenty of time to spend with me as I tap into your intuition to help you open and align with the Soul Level energy of the animals. This is a great way to really come to understand what Soul Level Animal Communication® really is – in a very personalized way.

This retreat is for you if:
You’re ready to dive deep into the world of psychic communication with animals (especially with the wild animals of Costa Rica!)
You’ve been wanting to create more fulfilling relationships with the animals in your life
You’ve been wanting to delve into your intuition (or find out if it even exists!)
You want to grow your existing skills with me as your mentor
You’ve been wanting to visit Costa Rica in a safe yet immersed experience
You would love to be around people who “get” how you feel about animals and plants and energy
My animal communication workshop and experiential retreat offers you a rich, Soul Level experience of animal communication and deep energetic Soul Level Connections.

Because animals have mastered unconditional love, they see us as the perfect beings we are – and this experiential immersive retreat is your chance to let the animals SHOW you this about yourself!




In my twenty years of experience as a professional animal intuitive, the animals have shown me again and again that they are doing everything they can to help us (humans) grow and evolve and master the art of unconditional love.

I was living a highly successful life as an MBA in corporate America. However, that success never made me feel truly happy. It took a visit to a pet psychic to make me realize there was more to life than success on paper. 

It was never my plan to become a pet psychic / animal communicator, but once I started helping people and their animals – and once the animals started helping ME – I didn’t want to stop. 

The animals have taught me how to psychically connect on a deeper level, to understand and align with the lessons they are here to teach us.

Are you ready to hear the messages they have for you?


What’s Included:

  • All the excursions!
  • All the food! 5-Star Plant Based food from one of the most sought after Chefs in Costa Rica
  • Private plane from SJO Airport to Imiloa’s landing strip (20 minute flight!)
  • All the transportation!
  • All the accommodations (We get the full campus to ourselves!)
    • This includes your pick of 200 year old homes from Bali, our Jungalows down to the private waterfall (with bathtub) or surreal Geodesic River Domes perched along Imiloa’s river. (Assigned to you, ‘First Come, First Serve’ with Registration!)
  • Beach days!
  • All the workshops and curriculum as well as private time with Danielle. 
  • Beach thing (extra excursion from the choices available – with dinner delivered down there on that one home-based day?)
  • 6 nights, 7 days at the lush 22 acre Imiloa jungle oasis
  • Private Waterfall
  • Workshop with danielle in animal connection (no previous intuitive experience required)

What’s Not Included:

  • Flights to & from San Jose

  • Personal Travel/Medical Insurance – recommended

  • VIP day with Danielle
    (Gratuity if you decide the service was worth it)

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