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“Creativity expressed through wonder and imagination”


Origin of the word “Imiloa” in the Hawaiian language
(Imiloa was named by a Hawaiian elder who heard our vision for what we wanted to create in the world)

This idea drives everything you experience at the Imiloa Institute, from the explosion of nourishing flavors in our plant-based cuisine, to the luxury eco-accommodations to the wandering jungle paths down to the river and private waterfall.


Or, to put it in simpler terms: Joy and wellbeing is your birthright.

That’s why India, Jake and Nadav built a transformational retreat center on 22 acres of sacred, natural beauty in the Savegre mountains outside Dominical, Costa Rica… A mystical space rooted in discovery.

As a global community eco-system focusing on education, mentorship and service, we believe that when you discover something new, it’s with you forever. The magic of discovery, creativity and imagination meet at Imiloa, its healing energy harnessed for you — and your guests — on your journey of transformation.

Imiloa is a place where you can reconnect with the childlike wonder inside of you. Think about your favorite book when you were about 7 years old… the hero of that book is who you get to become at Imiloa. Deep dive into your true self while keeping that playful, right-at-home feeling inside.

Let the sounds, smells and power of nature awaken your six senses. Let it wash away all the noise and congestion of modern life, leaving behind only the authentic you. Maybe it’s been buried. No worry. It’s there and will be powerfully re-ignited at Imiloa.

Discover the stillness—the peace—the transformation. All of this and more awaits you at Imiloa Institute in the mystical Costa Rica jungle.

Welcome Home


We chose our wonderful Imiloa team based on intuition and connection. They receive five-star reviews in nearly every survey, and yet have very little hospitality training or experience. That’s because every member of Imiloa’s exceptional team is open, sincere, connected to their hearts and committed to your journey. And how it impacts the communities guests return to after their retreat.

Our team consists of Ticos (Costa Rican locals) who have come together in a spirit of service and discovery. They are dedicated to the process of creating our shared vision (and yours!).

Together, we are all dedicated to helping transformational leaders like you host workshops and retreats so we can work together to individually and socially transform communities, countries and continents.

Come to Imiloa in Costa Rica and experience for yourself the “Pura Vida”—the pure life—that this natural landscape is known for.

We would love to collaborate with you to host your next retreat in our at-home luxury.


Jake Sasseville


Jake was the youngest host and executive producer in late night television on ABC after Jimmy Kimmel. But when he moved to Maui, he discovered the powerful relationships created in the intimacy of home environments. This led to him developing the vision of Imiloa as an intercontinental institute and educational center headquartered on every continent, with the intent of serving local communities around the planet.

Nadav Wilf


Nadav is an expert coach to CEOs and founders of companies valued at $10 million and more. He’s a world-class tech entrepreneur, and spends his time coaching and running multiple intersecting companies and creating abundance through technological and spiritual practices.



India is indigenous from the Bri-Bri tribe, from the mountains of Talamanca on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica. A pro-vegan surfer, India was educated in Costa Rica, Germany and at Harvard. Before Imiloa, she ran business development at a French ad agency in Toronto. She expertly leads operations for your event and behind the scenes at Imiloa. 

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