About Us

Eight Governing Principles

At Imiloa, we understand the value and importance of having a foundation of wisdom, knowledge and action that governs how we function in relationship to everything. These principles are guidelines that reflect the Imiloa ethos.

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our MiSsion

At Imiloa, we align our intentions to serve the greater good as we play our role in the ever evolving world around us. Our campus is a foundation, a global meeting place, that combines high-end luxury with the magic and beauty of pristine jungle.

We welcome Masters and their students, for profit and not-for-profit organizations, as well as, people looking for the ultimate vacation to host or join events and experiences at Imiloa. As we aim to help others recognize that we are the true masters of our lives, we are pioneering the evolution of mastery and community building for a bright future.

our Vision

As we set our sights on being a catalyst for personal and social transformation, our vision is to expand beyond our flagship location in Costa Rica and establish 5 additional Imiloa Institute locations around the world.

By creating the fundamentals for a fun and entertaining, turnkey solution to higher education and high-end hospitality, the Imiloa brand is on path to become a global leader in the LOHAS (Lifestyle of Health & Sustainability) market.

Our House of Masters

With a strong foundation and history of celebrating Mastery in all its forms, we believe true Mastery is not an "thing" but instead an action. The true Masters among us dare to go out on the leading edge of thought, and remember to turn back to the rest of us and invite us out there with them, too. Our House of Masters is designed to be a workshop and education center for individual and collective retreats, and transformational and creative explorations.

Our Inter-Generational Community Living Design

Natives living on and serving as stewards of the land, becoming a warm and integral aspect to the community welcoming those visiting The Institute and leading the agricultural activities while creating an overall intimate environment from which to learn, play and create.

Oness With Nature (We are nature)

Natives living on and serving as stewards of the land, becoming a warm and integral aspect to the community welcoming those visiting The Institute and leading the agricultural activities while creating an overall intimate environment from which to learn, play and create.

our team

A founding family of 18 from 13 countries around the world and with age ranges of 22 to 73, Imiloa believes that the world is but one country.

We value transparency, relationships based on the pursuit of unconditional love, and thrive in the spirit of service. Our team and founding family cover nearly a dozen industries from all corners of the globe and bring a rich fabric of insight, knowledge, experience and heart to an expanding community.

Jake Sasseville

Co-Founder and President
Jake began his career as the youngest host in late night TV history on ABC after Jimmy Kimmel Live!   At age 21, he built an entertainment studio and production company in New York City.   By the age of 27, he had produced late night TV, music tours with Kanye West, One Republic and J. Cole, revolutionized brand integrations and endorsements for entertainment and music, and wrote his first book.

His 200+ episode podcast, The Jake Sasseville Show, is released weekly and has netted over 5 million downloads, and features radically truthful conversations with famous and not-so-famous folks, at the intersection of culture and consciousness.

After moving to Maui just before his 29th birthday, Jake discovered the powerful relationships created in the intimacy of his home. He’s opened it up to nearly 3,000 people over the last three years for retreats, corporate gatherings and individuals on sabbaticals.

Nadav Wilf

Co-Founder And CEO
Nadav considers himself a spiritual entrepreneur. He has built and sold two startups in the online advertising space

After his last sale, he realized he wasn’t fulfilled and went on a journey to find his passion, in what he calls the Passion Pivot.

In addition to Imiloa and Compassionate Adventures, 
Nadav is Chief Lifestylist and Founder of LifestylePerfected.co where he coaches founders and CEOs in the social impact space, and influencers with 1+ MM followings on social media. He focuses on creating a world of abundance through exponential technologies and spiritual practices. Nadav is excited about creating transformative experiences at the Institute.

Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith is a heart-centered entrepreneur whose journey has taken him from being homeless as a child to creating impact businesses that have changed his life and those of thousands of others.  He built Recovery Brands, the largest provider of consumer resources and treatment referrals for those suffering from addiction and behavioral health challenges.

In recent years Jeff has turned his attention toward the world of influencer marketing, creating influence.co, a LinkedIn for influencers with a combined reach of 1.4 billion.  He is also currently developing several purpose driven e-commerce brands in the vitamin and beauty spaces. He enjoys travel, music festivals, meditation and helping others succeed.  
Over the last 13 months, Jake, Nadav and Jeff have launched “Compassionate Adventures,” a real estate investment and management vehicle with over 130 apartments under management on the US mainland.

India Maya

Director of OPerations and Retreats
India is indigenous Costa Rican (a member of MuLuLiwak, pronounced: Moo’ru’re’uak’,  a tribe in Talamanca) and comes to Imiloa after heading new business development at a French ad agency in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She has been involved in many startup companies for more than 15 years, including software gaming, e-commerce, headhunting companies managing business development, sales and marketing strategies, along with operational procedures.

A graduate of Harvard, she decided to leave the mainstream advertising world and return to her roots. A vegan surfer, India is a master of hospitality, marketing and creating experiences that have a higher purpose.  Bringing healing to those around her through actions and words, her purpose focuses on hospitality and service of the human species.
She is fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese and sincerely looks forward to getting to know you.

Matthew “Matteo” Christodoulou

Director of Marketing and Strategic Partnerships
Matthew established himself as a grassroots pioneer in social media branding and marketing through co-founding collective-evolution.com in 2009, which has since gained millions of combined followers across social media.

As a natural leader, mentor and visionary entrepreneur, he has a diverse background of skills and experience. He has reached the minds of hundreds of thousands of people around the world, achieving virality through written articles and co-writing and co-producing three independent documentary films.  He is currently in the process of producing his fourth film, a feature-length documentary.

Through his consulting company, N'Vision International, Matthew specializes in business development solutions working with people around the world, helping them to realize their visions and reach their goals. From consulting executive teams, systems and operations management, to networking, branding and marketing, he is gifted in being able to lead teams to success. He is also an investor, educator, life coach, public speaker, former radio host and avid world traveller.

the imiloa family

why costa rica?

As a leader in sustainability, surpassing its fourth consecutive year producing 98% of clean energy generation, a leader in social peace, having no standing national army for almost 100 years, and being one of the most protected bio-diverse regions in the world, it is no surprise why we chose Costa Rica as a home for Imiloa. It lives up to its name as the land of “Pura Vida!”

Featuring 180 degree sunset ocean views overlooking the Pacific coast from Manuel Antonio in the north to the Osa Peninsula and Cano Island in the south, Imiloa is at the end of a privately maintained road on top of a mountain ridge line teaming with wildlife. It features deep primary and secondary jungle forests, sprawled across 20 mountain acres, with 1,000 acres surrounding.

With a local chartered flight from the city to the coast and then a short drive, you can arrive in about 45 minutes from San Jose, or you can choose a spectacular 3 hour drive down the Pan American highway along the Pacific coast.