There are several mistakes a retreat host can make, but we’ve identified the three major ones so you can be mindful
of them.
Why? Because we want you to improve and adjust before your next retreat.


Common Mistake #1: Not devising a marketing strategy that sings and sells.

Retreats are a competitive and growing industry. The key is to start selling as soon as you launch. We encourage this action taking based on authenticity, clarity, and an early bird ticket strategy (mass x velocity = momentum momentum momentum)

Having your offer in front of the right people at the right time, framed in the right way, is gold.

Having early sales is not only valuable for your own personal momentum, but others see tickets selling fast as an assurance that your event is exactly where they need to be.

Solution: Start building your audience up before the launch date, let them know that you’ll have an early-bird rate and set a goal of selling at least three tickets in the first week!

Common Mistake #2: Not having the proper on the ground support (or at-home support)

You may think, or trick yourself into believing that you have your retreat operations and logistics under control. But, where attention goes, energy flows. When the time comes, do you want to focus on your clients and the content?

The truth is that your need to hold space for every participant, and you can’t do it while having to think about and take action with the logistics.

Solution: Delegation. Try to take off everything you possibly can off your plate. Your clients will experience the difference, and you’ll feel a lot better, too. Hire support or trade it, but you need at least two people (every 20 pax).

From operations, event planning, logistical, and creative support during your time hosting, it’s all about clearing your schedule so you can do what you do best, BEING YOU and sharing what you know best.

Common Mistake #3: Not accounting for all costs and expenses.

The clearer you are around the costs and expenses, the more peacefully prosperous you’ll be.

Closing down the vendors, locking down the experience, and having clarity on the expenses (our mantra) from 60-30 days before your event is crucial.

Surveys by Sherri Rosenthal, founder of Wanderlust Entrepreneurs and the Queen of teaching retreat hosts how to convert <LINK TO SHERRI MEANINGFUL CONTENT>, show that average retreat hosts hosting on their own (not with Imiloa) spend about 100 hours preparing.

At $100 per hour, that’s $10,000, which should be your minimum to earn.

Solution: Account for all costs and expenses, set your bare minimum, and sign an agreement with the venue to avoid any “extra charges” in the end.

We know organizing, marketing, and hosting a retreat might sound daring, but you don’t have to do it alone. We’re here to help.

Let us share some #humblebrags: Our average retreat host walks with $30,800 for their 5.6-night retreat, and with 75% of masters rebooking retreats, we can assure that you have EVERYTHING you need to make your retreat a success.

From our Director of Marketing, ensuring that you’re selling at least three tickets after you launch your event page to the entire team of +20 people on site. We make sure that your event goes as smoothly as possible.

To learn more about how Imiloa can help, simply book the Live Discovery Series <INSERT LINK>, where you’ll not only speak with Imiloa’s co-founder and president but also meet a select few top world-class teachers as well. Cultivating meaningful relationships will support you, your clients, and your work in the world.

That means we can create and market your back-end page that sells tickets, offer copywriting expertise that converts, a social media strategy that is meaningful and metrics focused. Plus, on the ground support from the moment, you land to the moment the last person leaves Costa Rica on their flight home.

Your attendee’s transformation may start when they enroll, but yours can start NOW.

Lots of love!

The Imiloa Team

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